Foolish Mortal Making Plans

Finished an afghan and started another, this was in my plan for yesterday but driving to Prairie Du Chien wasn’t.  My middle daughter needed some help so we met her in Prairie Du Chien.  I woke up with a well thought out plan in order to get some tasks done around the house and with crocheting.  Before we left to meet her, I got some of the projects done – paid bills, clipped coupons, made out a grocery list.  The rest of my plan – out the door.

We got home early evening and I was able to finish off the afghan for my niece and start another one for my youngest daughter.  I did a sample, took pics, and sent it out for approval.  Then I tore it apart and did it for real.  What does this mean?  For starters, I had to make some decisions about how I was handling some of the yarn – it is multi-colored and the yarn can’t easily be carried.  In order to use as little yarn as possible, I had to decide when I was cutting off and when I would carry it along.  Next I need to find a clipboard, ruler, and highlighter so I can keep track of where I’m at.  I’ve found a highlighter – multi colored so that helps.  Ken found me a clipboard just now.  Next is a ruler – I have a big one but can’t find a little one.  I could improvise but I’ll have to see what I can find.  I asked Ken and he is great at finding stuff.  He just brought me the PERFECT one.  He’s so good!

Today I plan to have a quiet day.  I want to watch West Wing (yes this is my current binge watching program) and crochet on the afghan.  My daughters will all be home in a little over a month.  If I could finish this afghan for her to take home – that would be wonderful.  It’s a corner to corner graphgan.  For those who don’t speak crochet – corner to corner is like it sounds – instead of working across and afghan, I work from one corner to the widest point and then back to the opposite corner.  A graphgan is a picture which has been turned into a graph.  Each square on the graph because a stitch (or in the case of the corner to corner a set of stitches).  It will be my first of this style.  I’m liking how it’s turning out so far but we will see how the rest goes.

Next I want to look up a temperature blanket.  This will require some research so I can find out the daily high temperatures for the years each of my daughters was born.  Then I will create an afghan based on the temperatures.  One row per day in a color designated for the temperature.  It should be interesting to see how it works out.

Ken was busy yesterday and today.  His list of things to get done was interrupted as well.  Still he managed to get a package to the post office, run errands this morning, and work on laundry and other household chores.

We’re both hoping to settle in today to relax – him watching football and me crocheting and watching West Wing (or other stuff).  Oh and Sherlock is on tonight!  I can’t wait to see the new episode!

On Track – ish

Back on schedule – sort of – last night I worked on seven small projects and got them done.  I didn’t finish the one project because I want to take the time to lay it out and experiment with the next step.  I want to lay it flat and look it over. 

I also listened to six chapters of my book – Ceremony in Death.  I am enjoying it and actually remember more of this one, including bits of the ending so it is a comfortable read. 

On Goodreads, I’m noticing I have two books I’ve had there a while.  One is Cast in Peril which I’m trying to listen to (Damn Vicki for telling me the next book in the in Death series) and the other is the paranormal romance I have a hard time getting through.  I need to just barrell my way through it and finish it.  I’m disappointed in the author because I feel I can’t finish the over arching story because of the extreme violence she has in the beginning of the story.  I’ll get there eventually.

Tonight will be bill paying, crocheting and then I will either watch some stuff on the PBS station or I will listen to more of my book.  This weekend I want to work on projects but I’ve got a story banging around in my head.  I also have two manuscripts ready for production.  I have a short story I want to finish the edits on so I can submit it to the contest. 

It is also a pay week which means we have to get grocery shopping and other errands done.  One of the things I want to do is get gift bags so I can start packaging up the gifts I’ve been making.  I have to pick up a button to finish one project.  This means a trip to the craft store which I have a number of coupons for and I’d love to spend some time in. 

All these other things means I’m not writing or working on crocheting but they are probably necessary things to get done.  At the very least this weekend will be busy. 

A View from the Recliner

It is difficult to be limited in what I can physically do.  However, I’m trying to be productive with my time.  Research and marketing have been top of my list while I’m laid up.

To this end, I spent a chunk of yesterday researching new age bookstores for Moon Affirmations and emailing a number of them to introduce my book.  Whether it will produce any sales only time will tell.  Next for me is to see what a good place to market to for the romance novel and the poetry book.

Great news for Moments in Nature – it is now available on Barnes and Noble.  Also Smashwords has connected with two more channels of distribution.  One of which is to get into libraries which are great users of ebooks.

Aside from book stuff, I’ve been crocheting.  I’m done with baby gifts and am now working on sponges.  I’ve had three requests for sponges so I’m working with my left over crochet cotton to make sponges for these three people.  After the sponges though, I’ll probably go back to working on the afghan I’ve got started.  I have three more afghans to make after this before I start looking at other bigger projects to take on.

While crocheting, I watch tv.  I finished MI5 and have moved on to other things.  I watched a movie about World War II called The Couple.  It was interesting.  Then I watched a PBS series called Heat of the Sun which takes place in the 30s in Kenya.  That was pretty good.  Finally last night I started season 1 of Grimm.  I watched two episodes and it was okay.  It seems a bit darker than I normally like but I’ll watch at least a couple more episodes before I give up on it.

My days seem really short because I’ve been sleeping in.  This is great for my sleep level but tomorrow when I am back at work and can’t sleep in this could be bad.  Hopefully it won’t be a problem.  I’ll be glad to go back to work and catch up.  It will be nice to have a different view than the one from my recliner.

Laid Up

I’ve been stuck in my recliner for the last three days.  I’m heartily sick of my recliner but there is little I can do about it.  My ankle started bothering me last weekend.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t twist it, strain it, or anything like that I could point to but every time I put weight on my ankle I am in severe pain.

Is it my gout?  Is it something else?  No idea.  At this point I’m putting heat on it – ice doesn’t work and only increases my pain.  I’m taking Tylenol as often as I can.  I’ve also doubled my arthritis meds.  I guess if this doesn’t work then I’ll go to the doctor but right now I don’t have any faith in any of my doctors.

My ortho has moved to Minnesota and I’ve not found a new one.  My GP is reluctant to do anything with my joints.  This leaves me pretty much dealing with things on my own.

Even though I’m trapped in my recliner, I’ve not been idle.  I have been crocheting (of course) and have five baby bibs done and a sixth one started.  Vicki’s co-worker is pregnant and she asked me to make these.  I’ve finished the baby blanket I was working on.  Once those are done I’ll work on sponges for Vicki.  This pattern takes me very little time so I’ll be able to crank out a number of them fairly quickly.

In addition to the crocheting, I’ve been working on writing stuff.  Flash drives are amazing.  My little netbook has been working hard.  Moments in Nature is going to be available in paperback within the week!  I’m super excited about this.  Next is to work on reviewing and sorting the next book of poems.  I have the print outs next to me and I’m hoping to get these sorted today.  Then it will be a matter of starting the organization on this manuscript.  Once I’m done with that I’ve gathered the other poems into one manuscript but I haven’t decided whether it should be one or two so that will be the next step.

After I get the poetry taken care of, I will be working on my fantasy novel.  This one is still in the editing process so will take a bit of time to finish off.  Or it might not.  Every time I’ve said that recently I end up finishing more quickly than I expected.  This is a good thing and always takes me by surprise.

While I’m stuck in the recliner and damn annoyed about it, I’m not being unproductive.  I feel bad because it is errands weekend and Ken is doing all the errands.  He doesn’t seem to mind but I do – these are tasks we usually share.  I know I need to rest the ankle but I have to live too.

To occupy my brain while I’m recliner bound I’ve been watching PBS Crafting in America and Cosmos both of which were good.  I was a bit disappointed that Crafting in America didn’t include any crocheting or knitting.  While most of the people they interviewed and profiled were making a living crafting, I’m sure there are people who make a living with their crafts.  I feel like they touched on a couple of important things about networking and running a business that is craft based.  It is definitely not a field that you are likely to make big bucks in.

I’ve also been watching MI5 from the BBC.  I think I’m to a point where I am more waiting to see which characters get killed off.  No one is safe.  They either get killed off or crack up.  This is probably similar to how it is in real life spy craft.  I also am enjoying seeing the cliche’s of British television.  The more I watch the more prominent they become.  It adds to the layers of perception I have by watching the shows from other countries.  It shows how America is considered arrogant which is a bit hard to take but not necessarily untrue.

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Tax Equity

Death and taxes.  Those are the things we are told are a certainty in life.  At some point we are all going to die – it is inevitable.  Taxes, however, seem to be a bit more questionable depending on who you are. 

I know that with my small pay I pay about 25 – 28% of taxes – I’m looking at my paycheck overall.  I claim zero on my W4s because I don’t want to have to pay in for taxes.  I’d rather get something back.  Depending on the tax laws we skirt the breaking even line for tax refunds.  We do things like contribute to an IRA and paying on my student loans to get a break.  However, now the girls are no longer our dependents we have to hold our breaths every tax season. 

I don’t think we are any different than most people.  Tax time is stressful for all.  Here’s the thing though.  I don’t want my taxes to go to multi-billion dollar corporations or people who are so wealthy they can afford to pay their own way in life.  I want my taxes to go to things like Social Security, Medicare, Planned Parenthood (even the small 3% that goes for abortions), NPR, PBS.  These are the things I think are worthwhile.

I also don’t want anyone to pay more than their fair share.  On the flip side of that coin, I don’t think people should get out of paying their fair share.  I remember back in the 80s I watched a movie about a couple that was divorcing.  The husband had money, the wife had been a stay at home mom.  She went out and found a job.  Like most women who had been stay at home moms it didn’t pay all that much.  The husband kept trying to tell the courts that he didn’t have that much money.  As soon as the divorce was settled he suddenly had a jump in lifestyle.  Thereby cheating his wife out of part of their assets etc.  This is how I feel the rich and the corporations are treating us.  (See there was a point embedded in that round about story)

They are saying oh 250 thousand isn’t that much and it isn’t really “rich” especially if you have kids.  I wonder if they have any clue how that sounds to someone who makes less than 50 or 30 thousand?  The question becomes are you paying your taxes on your income.  Why should someone who makes more money get a loop hole that allows them to get out of paying the same taxes that I pay?  Why should corporations who benefit from doing business in the US and make BILLIONS of dollars on the consumers here, not pay taxes here?

Equity.  It is an interesting concept that apparently most of the Republicans don’t get.  Here is a link to a site that shows the deficit by president since WWII  If you think the republicans are doing us any favors I think you need to take a serious look at things. 

Carter had the deficit going up at a slight rate.  Reagan, however, had it jumping up by leaps and bounds – jumping from around 1 Trillion to about 3 Trillion by the time he was done.  Bush the first had it jumping up to just over 4 Trillion in the short time he was in there.  Clinton’s budget jumped to just under 6 Trillion but the spending was starting to level out.  In the last couple years he was in, the deficit wasn’t increasing at such a high rate of things.  Bush II though now he gave the rich and business a LOT of tax breaks.  The deficit went from just under 6 Trillion to around 11 Trillion in eight years. 

What the hell!!!!  Obviously whatever Bush II was doing wasn’t good for the country.  It was like giving your teenager a credit card and saying have at it.  Federal income went down because he gave the corporations and the wealthy tax breaks that allowed them to not pay their fair share.  If income goes down then obviously debt goes up. 

I don’t want the upper class to pay more than their fair share.  I want them to pay their fair share.  I think that the middle class needs to open their eyes, read some history and think about what is important in life.  Do we really want our seniors to not have Social Security or health care?  Do we really want women to not have access to cancer screenings?  Do we want organizations like PBS and NPR to shut their doors or cut their services because a section of our population is whining that they can’t afford to pay their taxes? 

I say – try living on what I make.  Instead of having your 250,000 try living on 30,000.  Put away the fancy cars, private schools, and all the luxury items – if they lived on NEED items only like the majority of the people, they would have a lot more money available to them. 

I’ve heard the argument “why are we penalizing those who have worked hard to make more money”.  I’ve worked hard to make more money too.  I just haven’t broken that 6 figure mark yet.  I’m betting most middle and low income people will say the same thing.  Again I say to the people making more and taking advantage of the loopholes, the free ride needs to stop and you need to pay your fair share.