Are you sure today can’t be Friday?  I’m wiped out.  Part of it is my fault and part of it is my schedule.  I’ve got a lot on my plate this week with school, homework, work, and a side job.  Tonight is clean up night for the work week.  I’m hoping to get the paper due on Friday turned in and the side job done so I can move on to my weekend homework. 
My new blog is out there so go check it out.  Silk flowers – Vicki’s idea totally – are pretty fun and creative.  http://www.naturalhomeandgarden.com/green-gardening/gardening-with-a-black-thumb-silk-flower-arrangements.aspx
At work I accomplished a lot.  Many tasks flew off my desk.  This is good because I have two or three big projects I want to move forward with.  I actually made it to working on one today.  I’m working on revamping the web page for our department.  I gather the information and then present it to the department.  Then the department makes decisions on what goes in.  I have to just put it in terms they understand.  I hope I’m getting it there for them. 
To me the web site is a window for the world to see what our department has to offer.  I want everyone to know how good it is and what great people are in the department.  The challenge will be in presenting the complex material in such a way that it is user friendly while still conveying the complex issues and information that has to be conveyed.  I’m excited to move forward with it.  I can’t wait to help write, edit, and design the pages.  (Yup there is that word geek again… LOL).
Tomorrow I tackle a summary on the copier options we have.  Another situation with lots of information, and I have boil it down to advantages and disadvantages.  I’ve been stewing on it.  That sounds like I’m grumpy about it but I’m not.  I have to take in the information and let it rattle around for a bit before I can gather it all into one place.  My goal is to have a summary I can present for the meeting on Monday – I’ll probably write something tomorrow and then re-write it on Friday. 
On Monday, I had a wonderful meeting with my professor.  We talked about the project we have to work on all semester.  I’ve done a bunch of research – some is new and some has been done for Moon Affirmations (the manuscript I just keep trying to get published).  We talked about marketing strategies, targeted audiences, and so much more.  I felt like I was taking a step back from the love I have for this project into a very practical and helpful review of what I need to think about as I try to get a publisher to actually accept the project and see it through.  Now all I need is TIME so I can put the package together that I see in my head and send that off to a publisher (or 10) to see if they will bite.
We also talked about other things like the classes I have to take and the degree.  I really enjoyed this because I’ve not been thrilled with my advisor as I felt like she didn’t understand what I was looking for.  I requested that my professor be my advisor and that request was granted!!!
After our conversation I got to thinking about a couple of the classes and how I’ve already done what will be taught in them.  I’m totally not a traditional student.  I have a ton of life experience (and am looking forward to more)  So I put in a request to the chair to see if I could get a couple classes waived and take different ones.  I’d rather take classes that are actually going to benefit my writing skills and advance my knowledge in this field rather than taking classes that would just be refresher courses in areas I’m already strong in.  I’ll see what she says…

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