Entitled? Really?

I've encountered a couple of people recently who seem to think they are entitled to certain things in life.  I know these people.  They weren't raised to think this way - they were raised with the idea that you worked hard to get what you wanted in life.  Their attitude and their arrogance surprise me … Continue reading Entitled? Really?

Feeling My Age

More often than not, I love the age I am.  I'm not one of those people who gets freaked out because I'm turning whatever age.  I've earned my age.  I enjoy who I am now. However, Friday night I spent the night doing nine tarot readings and with a lovely group of women.  We read tarot, … Continue reading Feeling My Age

A Mystery

Yesterday I kept thinking, I just have to get through the rest of the week then it's a long weekend to rest and recuperate.  I kept telling myself, I'm halfway through the week.  And then I would remember it was only Tuesday. I feel like the week is dragging on and we are taking forever to … Continue reading A Mystery

A Calm Weekend – Hopefully

Stephanie came home on Thursday.  Ken, Stephanie and I went to Paint Nite and had a good time.  It was a long day for all of us but particularly Ken.  Stephanie spent the morning with Ken while I worked.  They came to pick me up and we all went to lunch with Beth.  She and … Continue reading A Calm Weekend – Hopefully

Back at Work

I didn't dread coming back to work.  For the most part, I enjoy my job.  Yesterday was WORK though.  I had a ton of emails and it seemed like the ones interspersed with the junk mail I got took a lot of time to work through and address.  I eventually got caught up but still … Continue reading Back at Work

Rhythm of Life

It occurs to me that I listen to a lot of classical music.  I've been teased about it.  In my office, I work with students who are probably thirty years younger than me.  I always tell them they are welcome to put on music they like (within reason for appropriateness for a work setting).  Almost … Continue reading Rhythm of Life

Two Down

Last night I finished another graduation gift.  This came as a surprise to me because I was very tired since I’d spent the previous night reading a book until 1:40 in the morning.  I thought I’d go to sleep early and accomplish little but no. I was able to crochet the last seven items (three … Continue reading Two Down

End of Vacation and Return to Work

While I’ve been off, I worked on cleaning my office and crocheting.  I have a box of stuff ready to ship to the girls in Georgia, a small pile for a friend, and a scarf to go to Vicki.  Here are some of the pictures from these projects:      My office is a multi-layered job.  … Continue reading End of Vacation and Return to Work

Slipping Away…

This summer is slipping away.  I mean to write here and tell all that is going on and then I look and time has passed.  Work move is done – mostly.  They are still doing finishing touches but all of the offices are moved.  Most of the faculty are set up.  They still have to … Continue reading Slipping Away…

Swamped and a Tad Bit Overwhelmed

Today I am going to work early so I can accomplish a couple of tasks early before others come in.  We – the department I work in – are moving so there are a lot of details to deal with.  Registration starts today so not only do I have to register for classes today but … Continue reading Swamped and a Tad Bit Overwhelmed