Mission: Her Safety

by Anna Hackett

A little kink, a hot sexy genius, and a mysterious thief in the night! Ty is grumpy and doesn’t like anyone in his space. Until a woman gets by his high tech security and searches his home. Team 52 has to hunt her down and take her into custody. Ty wants her tied up for all sorts of reasons and none of them have anything to do with the Team. Hackett has done it again. In the 5th book in this series, she’s matched up two very different characters and made them work well together. My only criticism is this story seemed rushed. It isn’t shorter than any of the others. It has the same elements but there are parts which seem rushed. Despite the rush, Hackett tells a good and believable story. The writing is spot on and the sexy bits are steamy with a touch of kink. I’ll be moving on to book 6.

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