Moon Affirmations

In 2014, I published this book and loved it. It’s been out for seven years and I thought it time to give it a little love. Little has changed on the interior but it was given a new covers and description. I hope you give it a try. I’ve also decided to publish it in hardcover. Note: This is not a new book but an update to the original.


Do you feel energized or exhausted by the full moon?  Looking for a way to tap into your power and energy?  Use the energy of all the moon phases!  Moon Affirmations offers short but powerful meditations to help you improve your life and cope with any issues. 

These affirmations tap into the energy of the ever changing moon to help you deal with whatever is most needed at that moment. Keeping in mind your already crowded schedule, each night has a short affirmation poem and meditation activity focusing on the energy of the moon phase. The meditations are meant to take very little time but delve deeply into your inner self to bring you insight.   

The phases of the moon represent different energy. These energies can be used to focus meditations. The journey can start at any time during the moon phases, just turn to the appropriate page and start down the path.

Working with these affirmations takes you from birth of self discovery to the full moon of complete fertility. Then shifts the energy inward as the moon starts to wane towards the dark moon phase.

The purpose of this book is to give a positive lift to your life, to help you feel better about yourself. The format is one I think will fit into most lives as it isn’t too time consuming nor does it require a great deal of technique. It is meant to be simple but to offer deep thought provoking results.


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