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When visiting with Laura and Karen recently, I told them about this new blog I was writing a blog about growing things.  They were appalled.  Now don’t be down on them their reaction was priceless and absolutely correct.  I cannot grow anything.  For me to write about plants seems ridiculous.  I have the blackest thumb in the universe. 
I love plants.  I love flowers and they bring me such peace and pleasure.  It makes me sad that I cannot grow anything.  Having a black thumb is going to be my focus.  I’m going to try to talk about ways to overcome this black thumb curse.  To that end – please come visit my new blog at:

For those of you who are good with plants and such you might want to check out the rest of the web site.  It has some really good stuff…

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  1. Yes and your face was priceless. Don't worry I know I'm not an expert on plants – I won't write like I am. I've got a 2nd part to this first post and then I've plans for a few other posts – rock gardens (inside) and other things.. so you will have to stay tuned and keep me on track. 🙂

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