With my daughter living with us, I rarely get time alone in the house.  Now don’t get me wrong she doesn’t intrude but the time I get completely alone is rare.  I like my alone time.  She is off today volunteering at the library and having lunch with a friend.  This leaves me completely alone … Continue reading Alone!!!

Good Things!

The transcription job went well and I’ve been asked to do more.  This is wonderful.  I also got a new inquiry for what sounds like a very interesting job.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get that job as well.  It might be longer term and a good bit of money.  I did have … Continue reading Good Things!

Good Day!!!

It was Ken’s birthday today.  We don’t really do a lot for birthdays but he got a cake and lots of well wishes.  It was also a beautiful day today which means work was less stressful on him.  I also got home last night to a package from Pillhill Press.  I’d ordered copies of the … Continue reading Good Day!!!

New Blog

When visiting with Laura and Karen recently, I told them about this new blog I was writing a blog about growing things.  They were appalled.  Now don’t be down on them their reaction was priceless and absolutely correct.  I cannot grow anything.  For me to write about plants seems ridiculous.  I have the blackest thumb … Continue reading New Blog