New Crochet Patterns

Vicki has been encouraging me to put my crochet patterns up for sale.  It makes sense.  I make up the patterns and then I forget them.  This forces me to write them down and document them so when someone says they like something I can easily (I hope) create the item again.

Dish Towel with Hanger:
This is a good one.  I’ve made countless ones and get requests from certain people for more.  It is great to make for housewarming or wedding shower gifts. I’ve made these for most of my nieces and nephews who I hope are using them.  It takes a couple of hours and is fairly easy to create.

Woven Winter Scarf:
This turned out really well.  I’m very pleased with this one.  It is a gift and I hope the person doesn’t visit my blog to see it.  It’s made from worsted weight yarn so it is warm.  Additionally I made it with Wisconsin in mind so it is wider and longer.  That way when the arctic blast hits us, the person can wrap it around her face and try to stay warm and protected.

These are available on Smashwords and Amazon for only 99 cents.  I’ve also posted them on my web site if you want to take a closer look at them.

I’m working on three or four new patterns so there may be new patterns showing up soon – it just depends on how nice they turn out.

On another note, I started organizing all the gifts I have done and I’m about half done so that is a good thing.  I still have to do the wrapping which is never my strong suit.  I have them organized, it is just a matter of getting them done.

I also got a package from Herrschners on Friday.  It had such lovely things in it.  I’m looking forward to working with the yarn I got and seeing what sort of mischief I can cause with it.  Is there anything better than a bag full of yarn?  Probably but not to a crafting addict like me.

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