Winter has definitely arrived

This morning we woke up to white lawns instead of green.  It has been cold all week and we’ve had flurries but nothing stuck.  Last night we got enough and it was cold enough that it stuck.

I’m working at my desk today and looking out at huge snow flakes and chunks of snow falling from the tree.  It is pretty.  I’m also not out in the cold.  This is Wisconsin weather.

I’ve listened all week to people complaining about the cold and the snow.  My feeling is – this is November what did you expect?  Also we have a lot of winter to get through so you better suck it up because we probably won’t see a lot of warm pleasant weather until March (maybe February if we are lucky) or April or later.

There is something magical about the first significant snowfall for me.  It seems to make things slow down, cover up the bumps in the land, smooth things over.  Ken has a fire going in the fireplace and it is a good time to cuddle in to work on crocheting or reading a book (or both if I listen to a book while I crochet).

For me, it is a quieter time of year, spent inside, doing homey things and spending more time with my family (well okay Ken because the girls are not home anymore).

Like everyone else, I’m not fond of the cold but it is the other parts of the winter that I like.  The beauty of the season is astounding with white contrasting with the dark brown of the trees.  The glistening of icicles in the winter light is breathtaking.  The darkness that covers the land feels like a warm blanket, comforting and cuddling.

I don’t love driving in the snow and ice.  I don’t love worrying about whether this storm is going to be one I need to stay home for or if I can make it to (and from) work without it being dangerous.  I do love the landscape and the energy of the season.  

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