Constant unrelenting noise – that is how my day has been.  I like quiet and calm but today has been constant noise in one form or another.

At my day job, they were working on the roof and moving furniture on the floor below us.  It is the start of advising season so there are a lot of students on the floor and the faculty are all in the office.  This means there is a lot of collaborating going on which means a lot of talking in the halls.  I’ve had student workers in the office most of the day, this means that they are making noise.

I can take the chaos and the noise but at some point I just want peace and quiet.  I want every thing to be silent so I can hear my own thoughts.

When I get in noise overload, I get a headache and my ears ring.  At which point, any noise starts to annoy me.  Of course while I’m at work, I have to be nice and pleasant.  By the time I get home, I’m going to be ready for no noise and not a lot of conversation.

I’ve reached a point where I just want to say “SSSSSHHHHHH” to everyone and turn off all the other noise too.  It was a good thing the day ended.  I came home exhausted and am looking forward to a quiet night.

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