Constant unrelenting noise – that is how my day has been.  I like quiet and calm but today has been constant noise in one form or another.

At my day job, they were working on the roof and moving furniture on the floor below us.  It is the start of advising season so there are a lot of students on the floor and the faculty are all in the office.  This means there is a lot of collaborating going on which means a lot of talking in the halls.  I’ve had student workers in the office most of the day, this means that they are making noise.

I can take the chaos and the noise but at some point I just want peace and quiet.  I want every thing to be silent so I can hear my own thoughts.

When I get in noise overload, I get a headache and my ears ring.  At which point, any noise starts to annoy me.  Of course while I’m at work, I have to be nice and pleasant.  By the time I get home, I’m going to be ready for no noise and not a lot of conversation.

I’ve reached a point where I just want to say “SSSSSHHHHHH” to everyone and turn off all the other noise too.  It was a good thing the day ended.  I came home exhausted and am looking forward to a quiet night.


I just watched Susan Cain’s talk at TED conference.  I found her book Quiet to be incredible and self-affirming.

I live with an extrovert.  He is amazing to watch when he is around people.  People like him.  He has conversations and interactions that I’m either too shy to have or to reserved to have.

He has learned that when I need alone time, he gives it to me.  For me, I can go out and talk to people and deal with the world as a whole.  I’ve done customer service for years.  There is nothing harder for me than to make that cold call or to put out my ideas to others.  Yet, I’ve done it for a long time because it is usually part of my job.  One job I had to call different companies all over Europe.  This was difficult for me as I didn’t speak their language and I didn’t know their cultural norms.  Plus talking to other people.  I did it.  At the same time I hated it.  I always felt I did a poor job of it.

In my life now, I’m spending more time alone, thinking, delving into the world of writing and creating.  I’m finding my confidence growing.  The more time I spend alone the better I feel about myself and what I’m doing.  I still have self-doubt but it is less than when I was having to put myself out there.

In writing, the hardest task for me is marketing – the most extroverted part of writing.  I know how to do it.  I know what needs to be done but at the same time I dread it.  I still do it.

If you are an introvert or you know one, I recommend reading Quiet.  It will help you understand yourself or that person better.  It is well written and researched.  She has a lot of good things to say.

Another Weekend

Tomorrow is Friday.  I’m so relieved this week is over.  It isn’t that work is bad.  It is just that it has been busy and demanding.  The weekend promises to be almost as busy, though.  My todo list is very long right now.
In the writing realm – I’m working on a paperback copy in normal size print.  Hopefully by the weekend it will be reviewed and ready for me to do the next step.  After that I’m working on production for my Moon Affirmations Meditations manuscript.  Back to square one for epubbing and figuring out how to do the pictures I want to have in there.  I also have edits to do on my fantasy novel.  If I manage to get through all of that – I have quite the long list of other tasks. 
In the crocheting realm – I have three graduation gifts to work on.  This involves me sitting still and focusing on creating wonderful items for the student workers I’ve enjoyed having work in my office. 
In the life realm – there are bills to pay, errands to run, and so much more.  I almost feel like I need a weekend after my weekend. 
I just finished reading my first “fun” book since finishing school.  I read a non-fiction Quiet which was quite good but I wouldn’t classify that as fun.  I just finished Thankless in Death and I’ve moved on to Mirror Mirror.  I think I’ve read two chapters in the new book and would like nothing more than to spend the night reading that but I have coupons to clip and a few other things to get done. 
Here I am with so much to do and not enough time.  I guess I will be working on prioritizing and balancing all these different things that I want to get done.  Reading, writing, crocheting, and life – I know there is a balance in there.  I’m just not sure how well I will balance it all out.  I’ll probably fall more than once but in the process I’m having a hell of a lot of fun.

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Just another Sunday…

Well my morning has been interesting.  I’ve not accomplished a lot.  I was rudely woken up by my daughter complaining about my husband.  She made up for it nicely by making breakfast.  Then they went off to Walmart and I was going to take a shower but they kept bugging me with calls.  So I waited till they were home. 

I worked on some insurance stuff – gotta love insurance.  I have to send in my receipts for over the counter drugs now with a prescription from my doctor to get reimbursed for them.  Now don’t think I’m getting paid – this is money that is deducted from my pay check for this purpose.  I used to be able to go to the pharmacy and buy what was needed using the card from the insurance company.  Now however I have to buy it, save the receipt, have a prescription from my doctor.  When I have all of that I get to mail, fax, or email it in to the insurance company so they can reimburse me.  I don’t think anyone is happy about the process.  I know the insurance company wasn’t when I called to talk to them about it.

Now that I have that stuff done, I have to figure out something for lunch.  After lunch who knows what mischief I’ll get up to.  Maybe I’ll take a nap.  Maybe I’ll work on genealogy.  Maybe I’ll write.  Such wildness on my part I know.  This is just another Sunday though and thankfully I think it will be a quiet one.