Not a Living Soul

Anabell Caudillo & Anne K Whelan

All Anastacia wanted was to control what she saw. But no one controls death.

Anastacia Geist escaped to New Orleans in hopes to control her ability to see spirits and other entities. Her gift, turned curse, gained the attention of more than her fair share of supernatural visitors. Lost in the dark and cold, she failed to see a future.

Mel Coster moved to the city of his dreams, filled with history and nightlife. His days of being his father’s business lackey were in the past, and his dream of opening a bar with his friend lay ahead. Until his future was stolen.

A chance meeting in City Park turns strangers into partners. Mel agrees to help keep spirits at bay while Anastacia learns to control her gift if she agrees to help him catch a killer. Through clues, detective work, and dark entities, they find something even death can’t overcome.

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