Pain, handicap, exercise…

I’ve just returned from an hour in the pool exercising.  It is the only place I can workout without causing more damage to my knees and other joints.  The nice thing is I LOVE going.  Pain is a part of my daily life but I still  make the effort to go to the pool and work out.  

Our society pushes people to be thin and perfect. I think that is boring and unhealthy. If we were all meant to be the same then we already would be. We are meant to be different sizes and shapes. So I’m not pushing for people to lose weight or fit a particular mold.

For all those out there who live in pain, I just want to encourage you to make an effort.  Even if all you can do is walk up and down a hall for five minutes or some other minimal effort, make the effort.  Get up and move.  You are worth it.  You are worth trying to get healthy and be better for YOU. 

The workout will help you feel better about yourself – someone else can tell you the chemical reasons why (endorphins I think).  The effort you put into it – even if it is only for 5 minutes while you dance (sitting or standing) – will reward you ten times over.  The pain will go away temporarily, the handicap will be lessened and the exercise will give you a high better than any drug.  The effort will be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Pain, handicap, exercise…

  1. You'd make a good coach or motivator 🙂

    Years ago, I was dealing with stress fractures in my ankles and feet; water aerobics did WONDERS for them, plus I started to lose weight. 30 lbs later I still don't have the problems I used to. Perhaps if I do like you (STICK to something!) I could get myself in better condition to take those Latin dance lessons I dream about… Too bad you live so far away!

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