Rainbow Desire – The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity by Viola Russell

Trinity Fischer is the daughter of a conservative Christian minister living in New Orleans during the turbulent 1960’s. In many ways, Trinity is a typical teen.  She plays sports for her school and excels academically; however, Trinity is experiencing feelings for a fellow classmate that confuse her and that could alienate her from her family. Siobhan, her classmate and teammate, is the beautiful daughter of a free-thinking mother, and Trinity can’t deny the sexual stirrings her friend excites within her. Siobhan and her mother are everything the Fischer family are not—religiously enlightened, politically liberal, and unconventional socially. Siobhan fascinates Trinity and arouses her most sensual fantasies, but her attraction to the other girl could divide her family and jeopardize her future. Will she be strong enough to follow her heart?


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