Response Time for Alarm Less Than 60 Seconds

My middle daughter who works in a prison as a librarian sent this text to the family texts.  I read this twice before it hit me.  Now obviously she sent the text so she must be okay.  There are a lot of reasons why an alarm might go off in a prison – medical, fight… but this is one time my mom concern came out.

My girls are all adults.  They are capable of making their own decisions and taking care of themselves.  Generally I wait for them to tell me the good, the bad, and the bizarre.

With this text, I actually set everything aside and called my daughter.  Normally I wouldn’t be able to because she’s not allowed her phone in the prison but I knew she was on lunch.  I called and said, what happened and are you all right.

As I said, there are a lot of explanations for an alarm.  In this case, it was a faulty radio which kept sending out an alert of an emergency for the officer in the library.

The good news – no injuries or drama.  Of course I gave her crap because she texted a deliberately provocative message, meant to make me go – what the F**K.  This is the warped sense of humor my family has.

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