A Nap or ???

Busy weekend means a lot got done but also a lot of aching people in my house.  Ken and Vicki worked on a whole bunch of things while I took care of a bunch of computer stuff.

Ken replaced the small step off our deck with a wider and longer step.  It looks lovely and will be easier once he gets a railing up.  Vicki liked it a lot.

Vicki got part of her living room painted and with Ken got shelves assembled.  Of course she loaded them up with books.

I worked on Wayfarer 16.  This morning when I had time alone in the house it took me four hours to finish it.  I like how this book turned out.  I’m not sure on the ending – but I never am.

I’m showered and dressed – odd for a vacation day but I am.  Next I’m going to go take a nap.  Or maybe I’ll read Wild Magic since I think I want to work on Wild Magic 2 next.  Or maybe I’ll take a break from it all and watch a movie while I crochet.  So many options.  Nap is sounding good especially since I had a weird night sleep.

Tomorrow I have someone coming to help me with the organization I want to do.  Hopefully we get a lot done but we will see.  I’m looking forward to seeing her.

The rest of this week will go to editing Wayfarer 12 and getting it published.  I’m really excited to get this out there.  I’ve been working on covers and I need to work on back material.  It’s exciting!

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