Second week on the job…

I’m halfway through the second week on the new job.  It has been exhausting and exhilarating all at once.  I’ve been tired for the last two weeks but I’m also learning a lot. 

The difference in the atmospheres and environment is very interesting.  The DOT was sort of casual for dress and in some ways for the working environment.  There was a lot of stress but we also knew how to blow off some of that stress too.

The university is definitely dressier and a bit more formal.  I think the people are a lot more understanding.  I’ve worked with a lot of men over the years – a lot of engineers.  Now I’m working with mostly women.  I think I like it.  They kind of do their thing and I do mine.  There isn’t a lot of interference and there is a lot of respect for my knowledge and ability.

I got a great compliment from my boss today.  She said she couldn’t understand why she was getting so much done.  She had cleared so much off her desk and had been very productive.  Then she came to my office and saw that I’d also been very productive.  Piles that had been cluttering up the office had been cleaned up, dealt with, and put away.  I still have a few little piles but mostly I’ve gotten the piles on the surfaces cleared up. 

I have not conquered this job.  I’ve removed some of the backlog of work and learned one or two aspects of the job.  There a lot more layers to learn and adjust to.  I’m looking forward to the challenge of them. 

Another bonus… I’ve started going to the pool nightly.  I started last night and went again tonight.  It is heaven to end my day sitting in the hot tub.  I de-stress a lot and the aches in my bones go away.  I come home in a better mood because I’m not in pain or on drugs.

I’m still exhausted.  I’m still waking up at 4:30 (wish that would stop already).  I am thrilled that I went eight workdays without filling my gas tank.  I used to put two tanks of gas in my car a week.  I’ve gone a week and a half on one tank.  That is an exciting savings.

This is a good move…

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