Last night an insurance agent came to our house to try to sell us some life insurance.  This agent asked Ken what he did; then turned to me and asked if I was just at home.  The assumption being that as a woman I am helpless and rely on my husband for support.  I was offended and it showed. (Remind me never to play poker.)  I said well no actually I work at the university full time. 
The agent tried to recover and asked about our family.  Of course we told her we have three children and told their ages.  She asked if we had any grandkids.  We said no and not likely to because the girls have all said they don’t want children.  The agent then asked oh are they all boys?  We said no they are girls.  The agent was stunned and asked really girls usually want children.  Why don’t they want children? 
First that was a very personal question.  It is no one’s business but my daughters their reasons behind their decisions.  Second how traditional can the thinking be and as this person is working with the public don’t you think this person should be neutral in these types of areas?
This agent also kept stressing that since I work for the state I have GREAT benefits.  With all that is going on politically and the traditional views this person was expressing I’m sure the agent thought we were made of money. 
My biggest problem with this person, I would expect such sexism from men but this was a woman.  I did not expect such sexist views and attitudes from a woman.  Aside from the money issues, I would not have spent money with this person just because of her attitude.  How disappointing to have such attitudes and assumptions from a working woman.

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