A Gift from My Lady – Claire Brett

Claire Brett – A Portrait To Remember
Viscount Ainsbury has plans for the season and none of them have to do with marriage. He is going to spend his season at the London Museum and in the various artist salons throughout the city, until his oldest friend’s sister-in-law interrupts his entertainments. It seems she is hell bent on ruining herself before the midpoint. Miss Constance Lightowler has a plan for the season. She may only ever get to London once and it will help her to improve her art, even if she must dress like a man and wander the artist salons and the prestigious academy to do it. And if Lord Ainsbury is determined to thwart her plans, then she will require him to model for her in private. What could be the trouble with that?


A Gift from My Lady – Cerise Rose

Cerise Rose – Scarlet Peacock
Lucia Faust was a farmer’s daughter and sold to the highest bidder in order to make a better life for her family, though not entirely a better life for her. She wanted to marry for love, yet she had no choice but to marry Lord Duncan Busick for duty. They fall deeply in love with one another quickly; however, a secret past changes everything. Will she sacrifice her happy marriage to carry out her destiny?


A Gift from My Lady – Jan Selbourne

Jan Selbourne – The Remittance Man
Banished to the colony of New South Wales, Adam Stamford’s life is one of backbreaking work and few comforts until a letter from his father. The man who disowned him now begs him to return, to stop the blackmailer before the honourable family name and estate are shamed and bankrupted. Adam arrives home to England celebrating Bonaparte’s defeat at Waterloo and the extortionist demanding more. It is beneath the aristocratic façade of his ancestral home that Adam discovers the depth of his brother’s treason and betrayal, but nothing makes sense, until Carolyn and the truth.


A Gift from My Lady – T Elizabeth Guthrie

T. Elizabeth Guthrie – Timeless Passion
Sophia is a young woman with a mind of her own. She isn’t interested in getting married until her father threatens her with an arranged marriage. Enter the Duke of Somerset. He’s not looking for a spouse either, but his friends keep telling him that he needs heirs. Is their arrangement destined to stay a loveless marriage or will it become true love?

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