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What happens when I write two books at once?

During my thirty minute lunch, I wrote in my journal. I was writing about writing – no surprise there. An idea came to me for the first book in the alien alliance series I’m working on. I wrote it in my journal.

My plan for the night – finish reading Alien Alliance book 1 and go back to Surrender to the Sea Demon. That did not happen.

I finished book 1. I was happy with it. I enjoyed the plot line and the pacing. But apparently my brain wasn’t happy with it. I wrote a new scene last night and tonight I finished reading it through (one of many read through steps) and planned to mark where I wanted to add in more. I found which chapter I wanted to add to, realized it was one of the shorter chapters in the book, and planned to just put in some symbol to find it again tomorrow.

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know this didn’t happen. The two brothers argued and I realized I wanted to get down just a bit of the scene to give me the feel for it. So I wrote. About two thirds of the way through the scene my eyes said – done.

I’ve been on the computer a lot today and they are burning. It’s a reminder to put eyedrops in tonight. So I thought – okay I’ll mark the spot and come back to it tomorrow. Yes I know you can laugh at me. I didn’t stop. I thought well maybe I can just quickly finish it off. Nope.

Now the scene is finished but it took me a bit. I’m even more tired now – go figure. I know I’ll have some smoothing to do when I edit but I added 1300 words to the story and I’m happy with the scene.

I think I’ll add one more scene (probably another 1000 words) with Janine and P’lar starting it. I feel like there should be one more scene in there. Maybe something about the mineral the humans want which will hopefully lead to some plot points in the third book. Not sure yet and I’ve named it in the last scene but I have to come up with a good idea why they wouldn’t use the human supply of it. I may have to rethink the material. That isn’t hard to do though.

And I made no progress on Surrender to the Sea Demon… tomorrow night maybe…