Newly harvested vegetables

Back to Work

Yesterday I was so tired by the end of the day, I didn’t write one word. We canned pickles – sliced and whole, beets, pickled zuccini and pickled onions. We froze carrots and corn. We also attempted to dry tomatoes which I don’t think worked but we dried onions and that worked. It was a long day on Saturday of food prep and preservation.

At the end of the day, my brain was blank. I don’t think I could have written a sensible word. Instead I picked up one last manuscript and started a read through. I found little things. I had to change a date in there because I realized with the back story I set up, I couldn’t use the date I had.

This morning I woke up and realized the tasks I put on for yesterday couldn’t be done so I rescheduled them. Then I looked at the tasks for today. Neither were urgent so I rescheduled them. Instead, I finished the read through and then after dinner I went back to writing.

I’m super pleased with my progress tonight. I wrote 6100 words. Two chapters worth of writing! I’m also almost to the halfway point of the story. While I’m writing this one, I’m getting ideas on possibly making this into a series. I’ve got two ways I could go with it. So we’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m back to working my day job. It will probably take me all day to catch up on my email. Hopefully I have time and energy to write tomorrow night.

Jars of pickles in India shop

Last Vacation Day

My day got discombobulated from the beginning. I slept late which was good. But then the things I planned to do first, didn’t get done until later. It all worked out eventually but not according to my plan. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me but it threw me for a bit today.

I am loving Asana for managing my tasks. I opened it today and started on my list. I got most of them done. I rescheduled a couple. One nice thing by using this, I look at my tasks and think ahead about them.

One of my tasks was to schedule weekly posts for my preorders. I was trying to decide how far in advance I was willing to trust FB to keep posts if I scheduled. Then I remembered – I have Buffer. I can schedule posts on there and it will hand on to them as we move forward.

Tomorrow will be pickling, canning, and freezing. My daughter and husband will go to the farmers’ market and bring back the bounty. Then we will work on processing. I usually do a good chunk of the cutting up of stuff. But we have to see what she’s able to get locally right now.

Tonight, I watched a premade sale by my favorite cover designer. After that, I worked on Sacrificed to the Sea Monster again. I made it to almost 20K writing almost 5K tonight. I got two plus chapters written and a big chunk of my plot started. The more I write, the more I think this will be a series. I’ve gotten suggestions for other creatures which would work in this theme so… high probability this will occur.

I’ve got the weekend ahead and I’m hoping to fit in some editing (for a client) and I need to do practical things like pay bills and work on budget. So I’ll be busy but I also hope I can add more to the Sea Monster story. I’m drawing near the halfway mark for me… or the halfway mark for the length I aim for. There’s a difference based on what the characters tell me they want.

Vegetables s in a farmers’ market

Work Day

Today, I went to the retreat for all the assistants in our area. It was a good day. A few meetings in the morning and team building in the afternoon. It went well and was fun.

Unfortunately for me, I sat on folding chairs – comfortableish ones – all day. This didn’t do my sore back or my joints any good.

Heating pad has helped and I’ll take some tylenol to help. I did get to write for a bit and managed to get a little over 2000 words in my story. I laughed because this was supposed to be sexy and sassy with not a lot of plot. Basically, the sea monster saying hey you’re my mate. But the more I wrote, the more the characters surprised me. Apparently I’m building a world of sea monsters.

The story has taken a different turn than I expected. I’m at a little over 15K for words. I’ve got two plots in my head which I think I’ll be weaving around each other. I’m looking forward to where the characters take me.

Tomorrow, I have a list. I’ll attempt to finish it and then work on Saturday’s list because Saturday we’re likely to be canning. Vicki ordered cucumbers from our favorite vendor at the farmer’s market. We might also have zucchini and tomatoes to process. I hope we get more beets but we’ll see. No matter what, she’s going to the farmer’s market in the morning and we’ll work on canning the rest of the day. So my planned tasks need to get done before she gets back from the farmers’ market.

Ocean waves breaking on rocks on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada

Check Off My To do List

I slept late. My daughter woke me up at 7 asking if I wanted my smoothie and chatting with me. I said no and listened. I did get back to sleep. Somewhere around 9 or 9:30 I got up. This is so odd to me because even when I don’t get a lot of sleep I don’t generally sleep late.

For this time off, I actually did have plans for each day. I had book tasks I wanted to get done. I’ve worked each day on these. Today was setting up my books on Bookbub, Goodreads, Bookfunnel and other places. These are all smaller tasks which don’t take a lot of time but they do take time.

I talked to my arc readers and told them I had six books done and how did they want them. I talked with a friend about books and publishing. I edited a section of my daughter’s paper.

In addition to that I wrote 5400 words in Sacrificed to the Sea Monster. This is an Ava book so lots of sex scenes. I thought initially it would be more sex than plot but the characters have other ideas. Oh there’s sex – in and out of the ocean. However, the characters have hijacked my plans again (thank goodness) and we’ll see what kind of ride they take me on.

I’m hoping I can finish this one soonish and maybe put it out in between my other publications because I don’t have a lot of Ava’s stuff finished. I wouldn’t mind finishing two or three. To be honest, this one and two others pull at me so those are probably my next projects… but you never know. I’ve got two stories in the Reluctant Royals series which are working away in my brain….

Tomorrow is a work day. I have an all day meeting to go to. But when I come home, I’m diving back into my to do list and my writing.


Last night I didn’t sleep well at all. It made for a rough morning and me feeling tired all day. But I still got all my tasks done I had on my list on Asana. I have a long list for tomorrow but it’s all good.

Since I finished the short story for the anthology, I went looking for something new to work on. I don’t have any Ava books on my schedule for the next year so I went looking for one which might be close enough for me to finish soonish. Sacrificed to the Sea Monster is one I enjoyed writing before I got distracted. So I started reading it and I’ve managed to get 2600 done on it today. It gives me about 11,000 words in the story so far.

I enjoyed rereading what I’d written and still love the concept. I jumped in and started writing. It’s flowing well and I’m enjoying the story. Sex and the ocean – both underwater and above. How can you resist? They have gotten to know each other and are learning to accept each other.

Next is to develop the little safe harbor they have and develop their characters. The plot is necessary – yes even with it being a sex book plot is important. I have a little mythology and a bit of danger I plan to put in. At least as much as I plan.

Tomorrow I’ll be setting up books in Book Bub and Goodreads. I have some books2read links to create as well as a whole list of things to get done. I’m also hoping to have more time to write.

Tonight – I’m calling it good and attempting to get some sleep. My eyes are tired – really my whole body is tired. At least I managed to get some writing in before my brain crashed.

Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Captain’s Companion – book 2

Ava M Taylor

Ulrik has met his mate!

He hires Gwyn Meinen as his companion. Now he has three months to persuade her they have more than a business contract.

Gwyn is all business.

She was hired to satisfy all the needs of Captain Ulrik Tonason. To protect her heart, she sticks to the letter of her contract.  Her contract includes organizing social activities, meals, and sex but sex with her Sinivite captain and his pheromones is more than she bargained for.

Will Ulrik convince Gwyn there’s more between them than a contract?

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Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting

Prospecting – book 1

Ava M Taylor

No more sex bots for Cade. 

As the top prospector, he negotiates a live sex companion to be part of his next contract.  Cade get his sex companion and a whole lot more. 

Sheridan considers herself a sex toy. 

She’s committed to a five your contract which means she must satisfy all Cade’s fantasies.  Sheridan’s only concern is to help her family, until Cade’s Sinivite pheromones work their way into her senses. 

Will Cade and Sheridan find more than precious materials while they’re prospecting?


This series has been updated with a new edit and new cover.


Tired of walking around with a hard on, Liam buys two women, one for his crew and one for himself.  Cilla, meant to satisfy his men, is willing and eager to earn her clothes.  Velin, meant for Liam, is unwilling.  Can Liam persuade her?

Her Slave

Liam taught Velin the pleasures of sexual arousal and satisfaction.  She still feared the pain of being forced.  An encounter with Doc teaches Velin she has power when it comes to the men. Discovering this power, Velin changes from slave to master.  Now the men will do anything to be with her.  Who’s the slave now?

Their Slaves

After a year with their men, Cilla and Velin delight in the intimate encounters with Cliff, Phips, Skarn, Doc and Liam.  Liam likes to watch the others have sex.  He’d like to watch Velin have sex with the other men but she’s still afraid. 

An intimate interaction Velin and Liam watch as Cilla takes over the rest of the men.  She controls the rhythm and encounter completely as her men worship her.  Velin sees the power but her fear holds her back. 

Cilla and the men want to have all of them together in an intimate, sensual engagement but Velin is reticent.  She attempts to overcome her fear by allowing Liam to watch her with each of the men.  Will Velin overcome her fear to allow all seven of them to enjoy each other? 

Slave – 99 cents

Her Slaves – 99 cents

Their Slaves – 99 cents

Enslavement – $2.99 or free on KU


A new look for a great story! As well as updating the author name to Ava M Taylor, this book has a new edit and new cover!

Tired of his family’s demands for an heir to the family fortune, Falk goes against his beliefs and buys a woman. He wants someone who isn’t a drone.  He soon discovers he wants more from Kellen than an heir.  The more she demand, the more he’s willing to give her.

Sold to pay family debt, Kellen is a sex toy.  She hides in the memory of her favorite places when she’s used.  Until Falk buys her, he tends to her needs and discovers he enjoys their intimate moments more when she chooses. Kellen discovers sex is more than payment and pain.

Owned – for 99 cents

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm is one of my Ava M Taylor series. In doing some updating, I’ve tweaked the pen name I’m using and I’ve edited and updated the following stories:

Three stories about Ford and Daisy.  Fertile Grounds – Daisy is forced off the road on a rainy day by a calf.  Hunky farmer, Ford rescues her.  He carries her to his breeding barn where he explores her curves and plunders deep into her heat.  Bountiful Acres – Ford and Daisy explore all the freedom of living with no nearby neighbors.  While working in his tractor, Daisy fulfills Ford’s fantasies by letting him strip her naked and devour her.  Growing Kernel – Ford has a surprise for Daisy he worked on all day.  When she shows up, she has a surprise of her own.  Their time in the breeding barn and all the other times since, has planted their own little kernel.

You can buy these separately – Fertile Grounds, Bountiful Acres, and Growing Kernal or get all three in one in Down on the Farm. Down on the Farm is available through Kindle Unlimited.

Down on the Farm – available for 2.99 or free with KU

Fertile Grounds – available for 99 cents

Bountiful Acres – available for 99 cents

Growing Kernel – available for 99 cents