Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Captain's Companion - book 2 Ava M Taylor Ulrik has met his mate! He hires Gwyn Meinen as his companion. Now he has three months to persuade her they have more than a business contract. Gwyn is all business. She was hired to satisfy all the needs of Captain Ulrik Tonason. To protect her heart, … Continue reading Sexy Sinivites – Captain’s Companion

Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting

Prospecting - book 1 Ava M Taylor No more sex bots for Cade.  As the top prospector, he negotiates a live sex companion to be part of his next contract.  Cade get his sex companion and a whole lot more.  Sheridan considers herself a sex toy.  She's committed to a five your contract which means … Continue reading Sexy Sinivites – Prospecting


This series has been updated with a new edit and new cover. Slave Tired of walking around with a hard on, Liam buys two women, one for his crew and one for himself.  Cilla, meant to satisfy his men, is willing and eager to earn her clothes.  Velin, meant for Liam, is unwilling.  Can Liam … Continue reading Enslavement

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm is one of my Ava M Taylor series. In doing some updating, I've tweaked the pen name I'm using and I've edited and updated the following stories: Three stories about Ford and Daisy.  Fertile Grounds - Daisy is forced off the road on a rainy day by a calf.  Hunky farmer, … Continue reading Down on the Farm