Between the Pages and Sheets

Author Bio

Scarlett Chase is a book dragon who takes breaks from reading to write new stories and eat all the food she can get her hands on. She writes Romance with spice and Fanfiction that vary in degrees of heat and naughtiness. Don’t let the number of titles under her belt fool you, she is ready to unleash more books to the world and invite readers to read new stories and characters. You know, just as soon as they let themselves be written. 

When she isn’t busy devouring her next book or typing in a frenzy, she loves to watch tv shows and movies, explore the world around her one restaurant or new experience at a time, and dance whenever the mood strikes. She also takes a book and notebook with her everywhere she goes because you never know when the inspiration will hit.

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Excerpt #1

Thank goodness it’s too dark for him to see me! Aw damn, the movie’s almost over. Why hasn’t he made a move? Is he keeping his promise? Damn, I shouldn’t have made him promise to be a gentleman. Ugh, what was I thinking? Should I make a move? Should we just make out? We’ve both watched this movie before. Ok, but what if he’s really into the movie? Holy crap, do something, somebody! Too late, the movie’s over. Woman, I swear. You don’t deserve these boobs.

Between Pages and Sheets Blurb

You know how you go about your day minding your own business and all of a sudden you find yourself regretting something that seemed like a good idea at the time? And by suddenly, I mean a split second decision and not when life throws you a curveball. I’m talking about when you throw yourself a curveball as you jump over a hurdle that’s on fire. With the kind of heat that comes from a 6 foot tall Greek god that has a jawline that could cut you. With eyes so blue that you wouldn’t mind getting lost in that sea. 

Now I’m rambling and I blame my discombobulated brain for this. As I was saying, you know that strong craving you get when your monthly visitor is around? Not that “oh that looks good” kind of craving. I’m talking about the “itch you can’t scratch, need it NOW or I’ll starve” kind of craving. But you don’t eat it because it’s 2 am and where are you going to find a bakery open that late anyway? So then you put off getting it until you feel like you want to claw someone’s eyes out. That’s the curveball I threw at myself with the Greek god I mentioned so protect your eyes.

Also, please. Send help. 

Excerpt #2

“You need to be shown which board games you should add to your sad collection,” teases Sofia.

“Oh really? Do you have a bigger collection?”

Sofia looks at him and feigns shock. “Are you kidding? Clearly, you did not see the bottom half of my pantry nor look inside the drawers in the dresser underneath my living room TV. When I go to pick up my dirty clothes, I’ll bring some over. Now, shall I school you playing Clue now or later?” challenges Sofia.

“Oh, you’re on. If I win, we’ll play Twister in our underwear,” declares Leo, grinning at her mischievously.

“Oooh! Ok, you’re on! If I win, we’ll play strip poker and only you take off clothes whether you win or lose a hand,” Sofia fires back and takes out Clue.

“That’s not fair, is it?”

“You’re the one who wants to get naked around here. I’m just helping you get there faster.” 

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