Dear Canada (and the rest of the world too)

I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to our neighbors to the north – and the rest of the world.  If we look at the popular vote, he is not the people’s choice.  But things being fucked up like they are, our president has managed to annoy, embarrass, and alienate the entire world. 

Being in Wisconsin, we are only a lake away from Canada.  My parents used to go fishing in Canada and loved it.  I’ve met a number of Canadians and they were lovely.  I’ve watched the border shows and the people were lovely.  I have no idea why our president is such an idiot. 

The things he says are lies – not fake news – just plain and simply lies.  His trade sanctions are only going to hurt the regular guy.  It is going to hurt the farmers – who are dying out because they can’t afford to be a family farmer anymore. 

In my opinion, Trump is going to drive this country into another recession or depression.  Obama – yes I’m daring to say his name and compare even though Trump vilifies him – worked hard to bring some equity, to balance out our economy.  They talk about the low unemployment rate like Trump came into power and wham the unemployment rate happened.  That isn’t true and I question the lower rate.  Are people really in jobs which are paying the bills or are they taking ANYTHING to attempt to make ends meet? 

Gas prices are going up.  This means all prices will go up because most goods are transported via truck.  The higher gas prices go, the less everyone has to spend on anything.  Now he’s doing all these trade sanctions – when will this end? 

To the world – I’m sorry for the insanity which led to our current president.  You can bet we are all counting the days until the next election.  I cringe whenever the president is on the news.  I cringe when I hear he’s been tweeting.  I cringe when he is opens his mouth.  Hopefully we can discard him soon and move on to a better leader in the new election.

Money Money Money

I’m looking at an 11% plus cut in my pay due to Governor Walker and that is on top of the 3% I already took with the furloughs.  This is significant as it will put me from making it to not making it.  I’m a public employee and proud to be serving the public.  I do the best I can in my job, helping as many people as I can regardless of what they are asking of me.  I don’t just say that isn’t my area I can’t do it.  I say it isn’t my area but let me see who could help you.  I did this when I worked at the DMV, BPD and now at the University.
Unfortunately this is not seen or appreciated by those in power.  My bosses have appreciated me and given me pats on the back but the legislature and governor apparently can’t be bothered to promote workers. 
I don’t know Scott Walker at all.  I didn’t vote for him.  I don’t like his way of treating people.  I find him arrogant and irresponsible.  He is not a person I would choose to run anything let alone our state.  However, now that he is in power I have to deal with the fall out. 
For me this means, we are no longer going to have any cash to spend on anything other than the absolute necessities.  We may even be looking at dropping services. I’m not sure what we will have to sacrifice but something will have to go.  I may have to drop my insurance – if that is allowed mid-year.  Other options are to drop cell phones or cable… I’m not sure what else.
This will not mean tightening our belts.  It will mean that we are doing without.  I was working on paying off my credit card debt but we may have to let our credit rating tank in order to pay for our basics with this type of drastic cut in pay.  
I know the propaganda out there is that state workers make six figures and they don’t do anything.  There probably are a few who are like that.  However, the majority of state workers are not that well off.   Between my husband and I we don’t make six figures.  We are not living high off the hog.  We get paid.  I pay the bills.  The money is gone.  There is no emergency fund. There is no huge retirement fund.  There is no savings.  It is just us working to pay our bills. 
Does Scott Walker understand that is how most of the state employees are?  Does he understand that we are just like all the other workers in Wisconsin who are struggling to stay afloat during these difficult economic times?