Dear Canada (and the rest of the world too)

I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies to our neighbors to the north – and the rest of the world.  If we look at the popular vote, he is not the people’s choice.  But things being fucked up like they are, our president has managed to annoy, embarrass, and alienate the entire world. 

Being in Wisconsin, we are only a lake away from Canada.  My parents used to go fishing in Canada and loved it.  I’ve met a number of Canadians and they were lovely.  I’ve watched the border shows and the people were lovely.  I have no idea why our president is such an idiot. 

The things he says are lies – not fake news – just plain and simply lies.  His trade sanctions are only going to hurt the regular guy.  It is going to hurt the farmers – who are dying out because they can’t afford to be a family farmer anymore. 

In my opinion, Trump is going to drive this country into another recession or depression.  Obama – yes I’m daring to say his name and compare even though Trump vilifies him – worked hard to bring some equity, to balance out our economy.  They talk about the low unemployment rate like Trump came into power and wham the unemployment rate happened.  That isn’t true and I question the lower rate.  Are people really in jobs which are paying the bills or are they taking ANYTHING to attempt to make ends meet? 

Gas prices are going up.  This means all prices will go up because most goods are transported via truck.  The higher gas prices go, the less everyone has to spend on anything.  Now he’s doing all these trade sanctions – when will this end? 

To the world – I’m sorry for the insanity which led to our current president.  You can bet we are all counting the days until the next election.  I cringe whenever the president is on the news.  I cringe when I hear he’s been tweeting.  I cringe when he is opens his mouth.  Hopefully we can discard him soon and move on to a better leader in the new election.

Politicians and Insurance

One of the benefits I have is working for the state is supposed to have better benefits and insurance.  When I started working for the state, I never paid for anything. 

Since Act 10 was sent through, I’ve lost pay and benefits.  Last year when my husband and I both had health issues, I ended up with a couple thousand dollars of bills to pay.  Not enough to itemize on my taxes but very much a burden on our budget.  Now this year I went to the ER for a kidney stone.  It was my first one so I had no idea what was going on. 

I got the bill.  Next time I’m staying home and not paying for all the crap.  Again, I’ve been with the state since 2006.  In that time we’ve had to make trips to the ER.  This time I got a bill over and above my co-pay.  The co-pay I believe was $75.  The bill – was nearly $900.  Then I had to do a follow up with a doctor.  That cost me more money.  The doctor wanted me to come back for a second visit.  I set it up but really after I got the bills for the ER and doctor visits, I knew I could not afford another CT scan and doctor’s visit.  I canceled both.

I pay over $200 a month for my husband and I to have insurance.  Back when we were first together, we had insurance that was 80% /20% which meant for every medical thing the insurance paid 80% and we paid 20%.  We had three little kids.  Having this insurance drove us into bankruptcy because we had so many bills between the kids, my broken leg and three surgeries, and some of Ken’s stuff.  Now I’m looking at the same situation with my supposedly better benefits. 

I’m left thinking it’s better to stay home and cope with whatever the problems are rather than going to the doctor or to ER because the cost of it will drive us quickly into a place I don’t want to go.  My choice is to have this crappy insurance which I’m paying for every month and not go for more than checkups.  There’s now co-pays on everything. Beyond the co-pays, I’m getting bills for things the insurance isn’t covering.  There’s no money in the budget for this.  I’m still paying for last years medical bills. 

It’s no wonder the state can’t fill positions.  They’ve lost the edge of having better benefits and strong unions to protect the workers.  Now the state has become a crappy employer where the benefits are sub standard and the pay is mediocre.  It has become an employer who abuses their employees by calling them names and blaming them for the fiscal problems which are caused by mismanagement at the upper levels.  It’s no wonder they can’t get guards for the prisons or keep faculty in the universities or keep clerical workers.  Businesses are offering better everything with less abuse.

The politicians better wake up.  They better start looking at the good of their employees or they won’t be able to run the state.  I’d like to see the governor go into the prisons to be an officer or walk into a classroom and teach students.  I’d like to see our legislators spend 40 hours a week doing clerical work or maintenance or janitorial.  The politicians (on all levels) are great at looking out for them but they suck at looking out for the best interests of the people – which should be their biggest concern.

It’s time to wake up and remember that this is a collaborative affair.  The politician govern at the will of the people.  If they aren’t serving the people, they need to go.  Whatever elections are out there, please go vote.  Please voice your opinion and make yourself heard. 

Hostile Work Environment

Herein lies a rant.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The other night on the news there were two stories which annoyed me – obviously enough I’m still thinking about them.  One story was about the juvenile prison which had five employees attacked over the weekend.  The story was all about the how they have a hard time keeping employees.  
The other story was about the DA in Dane county announcing they are no longer going to be able to prosecute all crimes due to a shortage of employees, i.e. prosecutors.
Both of these stories hit a note with me.  I’ve worked for the State of Wisconsin since 2006.  I’ve liked my jobs and the people I work with.  The different departments I’ve worked for have been interesting and like most jobs there were great things and not so great things.  Then 2010 rolled around.
In 2010, the governor basically said state employees were bankrupting the state and they were horrible people.  This started a war against state employees.  For a time insurance cost more, before it became a political move to lower the cost of our insurance.  But instead of the state covering what they used to, they changed the insurance so there are more co-pays, more deductibles, and more money out of my pockets.  
Public service employees are typically paid less but the benefits used to be some of the best.  Now the pay is mediocre and the benefits are getting too costly.  
Back to the two stories, why would someone work for an organization which vilifies its employees?  Why would you accept a job which has mediocre pay when you can make more in the private sector?  The reason the government can’t fill the positions is because the top people have made working for the state a bad deal.  There’s a disrespect for the ethics of the employees.  
If you want employees who will stick, you have to provide them with good wages and benefits, as well as a safe work environment.  If you aren’t providing these things, you aren’t going to get quality employees who are willing to stay.  To our top government officials, get your heads out of your asses, stop helping the rich and start doing what you’re supposed – representing EVERYONE in the state, not just the rich.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

We have seen a lot of unrest and disturbing things in the last ten days.  It is difficult to watch our president take the same path as someone most people consider the epitome of evil – Hitler.  I really dislike comparisons between Hitler and other people – it is generally an over dramatic comparison.  Unfortunately, that is not the case with Trump.  As soon as he came into office, he started to create unrest with the Muslims (this would be the group comparable to Hitler’s Jewish population).

Now there are hate crimes against Mosques.  I’m sure if you looked at the unrest in Germany prior to World War II, you’d find similar actions.  Here is a link to what Hitler did to the Jews once he came into power German History

So many things are headed in the wrong direction.  Too many things – it is overwhelming.  It is mind numbing.  All my daughter has to do is sigh at this point and I ask “Now what has Trump done?”  It isn’t surprising to me but it is sad.  It feels like he is making us into pre-WWII Germany.  I do not want that.  We should know better and should behave better.

There is a feeling of exasperation, desperation, and powerlessness.  What can I do?  I don’t have the ear of anyone powerful.  I don’t have a huge following.  However, I believe the worst thing we can do is to be silent.  Some of our senators stayed silent on the Muslim ban.  If they stayed silent, they are endorsing what has been done.  We cannot stay silent when we hear and see wrong occurring.  If we do, we are part of the problem.

It’s difficult to see large scale problems and not know how you can have any effect.  I write but I don’t have a huge following.  Yet I’m speaking out.  I can’t march but I can support.  I can tell people when I think they are wrong.  I can be vocal in my dislike of our president and his actions.  I can let my representatives know they are not representing me.

It’s time for all the people to speak out, speak up, and stop being silent.  Silence endorses and encourages the wrong.  Take a stand to push back the hate and intolerance.  Speak up and stand up for those who are being persecuted.

Bits and Bobs

Everyone is talking about the election results.  I’m tired of the election all the way around so one small commentary and then moving on to other things.  Disappointment is the easiest emotion to express.  I’m disappointed in our country, disappointed in the people who I think are better than this.  The results did not surprise me at all but at the same time I had a little hope.  The hope was dashed and now we have to deal with what we have.  There needs to be some serious restructuring of our elections process but until we get people in who actually represent the people it won’t happen.  I think we will see a serious downturn in our lives.  I think changes will be made which will be detrimental to our country and our membership in the world society.  Like many other people, I’m appalled and concerned about our future.

On other notes, in the small town where I have my day job there was an apartment building fire last night.  The complex has 107 apartments.  I haven’t seen the damage.  I’m hoping they are able to relocate people and I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the entire complex.  Here are some links to the story:

I was talking with my middle daughter who said by the way… so I went looking.  I texted all my student workers to see if any of them lived in the apartment complex.  None did thankfully.  I spent a good chunk of the night being curious about what happened and found little information on it.  There’s more out today but I may have to take the long way home and drive by there.

It was sort of funny as I was talking to my middle daughter I kept referring to them by who used to live there.  She hadn’t a clue who I was talking to.  The different references for both of us are interesting.

Last night I spent most of my time paying bills, doing the prep for a birthday gift for my oldest daughter, and putzing on the computer.  Tonight will likely be more crocheting.  I think I pulled a muscle in my back and leg so have been dealing with added pain.  It makes it hard to sit in one position and crochet.  If I can’t crochet, I’m going to try clipping coupons and making a grocery list.

It’s pay week again so this weekend will be errands and hopefully finishing up holiday gifts.  I’m not holding my breath on the last bit as I have a lot to do yet.

Time to be an Adult

Warning – this post contains a rant with foul language.  If you can’t handle passionate beliefs and strong language, you may want to skip this post.

I’m really tired of the politics and fear mongering.  I am all for people having the right to own a gun or a dozen of them or more.  I’m not for people owning assault rifles.  An assault rifle is meant to do just that assault someone with a massive number of bullets in a short period of time.

When will we put on our big people panties and do what needs to be done instead of falling into the fear of OMG they (whoever the hell they are) want to do (insert bad thing here).

Guns – we have every right to have them.  Not because of the second amendment – read it people that was for a militia.  But our case law has moved us to having this right.  But like everything in life there needs to be reasonable limits.

I think most people can agree on a few basic things.  No one outside the military or the police need assault rifles.  They shouldn’t be able to be purchased by Joe Blow who says he’s going hunting.  If you want a gun, you should be willing to fill out a damn form and pass a background check.  If you can’t one would assume you shouldn’t be having a gun.  I see no problem with making people wait two days or so for a gun.  Because in real life, if you’re pissed enough to kill someone there are a million ways to do so – knife, poison, cutting the brake lines.  (It’s either scary I know this or it could be a side effect of being a writer).

As for race, sexual orientation, and anything else you can think of to discriminate against people with.  GET OVER YOURSELF!  The world is not out to fuck you.  If someone has more than you, work harder, work smarter, and do better.  Be the best person you can be rather than trying to drag the other person down.

You say life isn’t fair.  Yup – you should have learned that before you got into high school.  Today may be that person’s moment.  You moment was maybe yesterday or will be tomorrow.

Does anybody ever wonder if we all live and let live, we would be happier as a whole society?  I mean come on, do you really care what your neighbors are doing in their bedrooms or how they’re praying?  Isn’t it their responsibility to see to their own soul or sex life?  So long as they aren’t hurting minors or asking you to watch what do you care?

Can we please get over the bathroom thing?  I don’t now about men’s bathrooms but women’s bathrooms all have stalls to give privacy.  Once in a stall I’m not generally trying to see in the next one.  I don’t really care who’s in the next stall so long as they aren’t coming in my stall.  So far no one has – well except my kids but that stopped a while ago.

Finally, (I swear this is the end of my rant) can we please punish people who do bad things.  Can we please stop raping victims who have already been raped by putting them through the ringer?  Can we please, pretty please send the message that if you prey on women, men or children, you will be punished.  Rape is a heinous crime.  It destroys lives more completely than murder.  Rape isn’t “20 minutes of action.”  It’s a violation on the most intimate level which should be punished at the same level as murder is.

Maybe if we stopped judging each other, competing with each other, then we could fix the problems which are tearing us apart like poverty.  Instead of having the all for me attitude, we should be looking to improve all of us.

End rant for the moment – I really shouldn’t read the news.

And the Survey Says….

While enjoying time with Ken last night, I got a phone call to do survey on my political beliefs.  Normally I won’t answer any questions about who I’m voting for but this didn’t seem to be that type of survey. 

I don’t know who it was supposed to be in support of but I gave my opinions.  I was very restrained because they asked if I viewed Scott Walker favorably or unfavorably.  I said unfavorably, of course.  There were other questions and I answered (must have been having a weak moment). 

What I’d like to say to the people taking the survey is first – slow down.  I get you are probably paid by the number of people you survey or you have a quota to get through but if I can’t understand you because you are speaking so fast than you aren’t going to get reasonable answers.  Second – speak clearly.  Again this goes to getting answers but it also goes to getting speedy responses.  If you have to repeat all of the answers a second or third time then you are spending more time than you need on the call.

It was an odd day for me yesterday.  I normally don’t answer calls I don’t recognize the number for and I answered two calls I didn’t know the number for.  One was Vicki who had a question about Excel and she was calling from her work phone and the other was the survey.  At least one was a call I wanted to talk to…

When are we done with the election?  It can’t be soon enough…

Election Day

Today everyone has the opportunity to go out and choose how our country will be run for the next four years.  I’ve already voted by absentee ballot.  I’ve made my choices.  I’ve been ready for the election nonsense to stop for a few weeks.

Now I heard the figure of $6 billion spent on the elections.  That is an incredible amount of money and my only question is – instead of annoying the hell out of all the country with annoying and false ads, how much good could have been done with that money? 

The best thing about today is that after today the ads, emails, and phone calls should stop.  Last night I got several phone calls and my email has been filled with political pitches.  I get they want to know who I’m voting for and so on but really not anyone’s business unless I choose to share. 

Hopefully after today we can put the ridiculousness of the campaign behind us and move forward into actual governing of the country.  Hopefully this doesn’t involve putting women’s rights back a hundred years or damaging any other progress we’ve made in our society.  It is a matter of holding our breath and seeing what happens.
Get out and vote!


Two days left in my vacation.  It has been a particularly good one.  I still have to go through my books – probably tomorrow.  Today will be spent running errands and hanging out with the kid.  Tomorrow I hope to go through my books and work on writing. 

This is one of my better vacations.  I relaxed, slept when I wanted, and wrote a lot.  Yesterday I visited with Laura.  It was a bonus to the week.  We always have such good conversations.  We talked about politics.

Politics are the most difficult topic.  Walker came out on top which was my fear when Barrett was his opponent.  I didn’t feel he was a strong enough candidate.  My fear is that he thinks that all the things he has been doing are justified.  However, he again didn’t win by a large margin which means nearly half the state does not like his policies.  I guess only time will tell if he has learned to play nice or not.  My guess would be not.

The only hope I see on the horizon is that the democrats may have won back the senate.  It seems like the count is for the democrat but the republican has asked for a recount.  We wait to see.  If the senate is democrat controlled then hopefully Walker won’t be able to ram through more of his destroying policies.


I just read a story which moved me to tears and angered me on an issue I’m sure those who know me are starting to roll their eyes at already.  Abortion is one choice a pregnant woman currently has.  There are three choices.  Abortion, adoption, and parenting.  All of these options have pros and cons.  All of these options are incredibly difficult. 

The story I just read talked about what happened to a woman who didn’t have a choice.  Not because she wanted to get rid of her fetus but because her fetus – which was supposed to grow into their much wanted and love child – was severely damaged. 

This woman received the worst news possible when she visited her doctor – there was something terribly wrong with their son.  Two doctors confirmed the diagnosis but because they were associated with a Catholic hospital they couldn’t fix it – terminate the pregnancy. 

This woman had to go to a Planned Parenthood to get her abortion in Texas right after they passed a law giving very restrictive rules about what needs to happen when someone seeks an abortion.  Her story is here – grab some tissue and read what she had to endure:

Here is part of her last paragraph: 

But what good is the view of someone who has never had to make your terrible choice? What good is a law that adds only pain and difficulty to perhaps the most painful and difficult decision a woman can make? Shouldn’t women have a right to protect themselves from strangers’ opinions on their most personal matters? Shouldn’t we have the right not to know?

I want EVERY politician to answer these questions.