Dear Canada (and the rest of the world too)

I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to our neighbors to the north - and the rest of the world.  If we look at the popular vote, he is not the people's choice.  But things being fucked up like they are, our president has managed to annoy, embarrass, and alienate the entire world. Being in Wisconsin, … Continue reading Dear Canada (and the rest of the world too)

Politicians and Insurance

One of the benefits I have is working for the state is supposed to have better benefits and insurance.  When I started working for the state, I never paid for anything. Since Act 10 was sent through, I've lost pay and benefits.  Last year when my husband and I both had health issues, I ended up … Continue reading Politicians and Insurance

Hostile Work Environment

Herein lies a rant.  Don't say you weren't warned.The other night on the news there were two stories which annoyed me - obviously enough I'm still thinking about them.  One story was about the juvenile prison which had five employees attacked over the weekend.  The story was all about the how they have a hard … Continue reading Hostile Work Environment


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund BurkeWe have seen a lot of unrest and disturbing things in the last ten days.  It is difficult to watch our president take the same path as someone most people consider the epitome of evil - Hitler.  I … Continue reading Silence

Bits and Bobs

Everyone is talking about the election results.  I'm tired of the election all the way around so one small commentary and then moving on to other things.  Disappointment is the easiest emotion to express.  I'm disappointed in our country, disappointed in the people who I think are better than this.  The results did not surprise … Continue reading Bits and Bobs

Time to be an Adult

Warning - this post contains a rant with foul language.  If you can't handle passionate beliefs and strong language, you may want to skip this post.I'm really tired of the politics and fear mongering.  I am all for people having the right to own a gun or a dozen of them or more.  I'm not … Continue reading Time to be an Adult

And the Survey Says….

While enjoying time with Ken last night, I got a phone call to do survey on my political beliefs.  Normally I won't answer any questions about who I'm voting for but this didn't seem to be that type of survey.  I don't know who it was supposed to be in support of but I gave my … Continue reading And the Survey Says….

Election Day

Today everyone has the opportunity to go out and choose how our country will be run for the next four years.  I’ve already voted by absentee ballot.  I’ve made my choices.  I’ve been ready for the election nonsense to stop for a few weeks. Now I heard the figure of $6 billion spent on the … Continue reading Election Day


Two days left in my vacation.  It has been a particularly good one.  I still have to go through my books – probably tomorrow.  Today will be spent running errands and hanging out with the kid.  Tomorrow I hope to go through my books and work on writing.  This is one of my better vacations.  … Continue reading Weekend


I just read a story which moved me to tears and angered me on an issue I'm sure those who know me are starting to roll their eyes at already.  Abortion is one choice a pregnant woman currently has.  There are three choices.  Abortion, adoption, and parenting.  All of these options have pros and cons.  … Continue reading Choice