Arresting the Warlord

Arresting the Warlord Coletti Warlords Book 12 by Gail Koger Genre: SciFi Romance, Adventure, Comedy CeeCee Tsosie is a Navajo Nation police officer and shaman with the ability to control the weather. She’ll admit arresting Jake Jones, a Coletti Warlord, for speeding was not one of her better decisions. But hey, the law was the … Continue reading Arresting the Warlord

Defying the Relic Hunter

Defying the Relic Hunter Coletti Warlord Series Book 11 by Gail Koger Genre: SciFi Romance, Adventure Kizzy sees dead people, but she's a thief and talking to dead folks is about as useful as a three-legged horse. The Dragos clan booted her out when her year's take was a lousy five hundred and sixty credits. … Continue reading Defying the Relic Hunter

The Trouble with Tigers

The Trouble With Tigers Shenanigans Book 2 by Gail Koger Genre: Paranormal Romance, Comedy, Action Lions and tigers and skunks, oh my! Kandi Cain’s a psychic pet detective. Her cases range from wrangling baby goats, to finding lost critters. Her current case is rescuing a lion from a Nigerian warlord. Kandi knew dressing up as … Continue reading The Trouble with Tigers

Hothar’s Folly

Hothar's Folly Coletti Warlords Book 9 by Gail Koger Genre: SciFi Romance Undercover psychic investigator Casey Jones’ hunt for a traitor in Central Command gets blown all to hell when the crew of the military C130 cargo plane she’s riding on tries to kill her. Drawing on her telekinesis, Casey stops their assassination attempt and … Continue reading Hothar’s Folly