Flu Food

Last Saturday my husband came down with the flu.  Sunday we were supposed to go to Paint Nite and we had to find a replacement for him.  Vicki and I enjoyed but she came home with a headache.  She thought it was due to the flickering fluorescent light we sat by but no, she had the flu.  By Monday I had the flu.

On Wednesday I thought I was over it.  I went back to work feeling like a thoroughly run out rag.  I got caught up on emails, my day progressed but I still felt this overwhelming exhaustion.  Right before lunch I was sitting at my desk and everything closed in around me.  I couldn’t breath, my vision blurred, sweat broke out on my forehead.  I felt suddenly hot but cold and clammy at the same time.

The flu wasn’t gone.  I managed to get home and stayed home for the rest of the week.  I’m not going to talk about the gastrointestinal issues, my experience was less severe than either my husband or my daughter.  Still food and I were not friends.

Tuesday I had taken my daughter to the doctor and we stopped to get what I’ll call flu food which included jello, applesauce, fruit and ice water.  All last week that is the only thing I ate and in small portions.  Friday night, I tried real food again which was iffy but yesterday I ate real food again.

Now I have all these cravings but I know better than to jump in to eat hot dogs, burgers, pizza and all the other things I’ve been craving.  Simple food building back to the other stuff so there is no repeat of the crud.