Songs for Cricket

Finley’s shorts dropped before we could reach her. Then she ran in her bra and panties towards the pool. I couldn’t appreciate what I saw because I was too busy deciding the quickest way to kill the asshole staring at her ass. “Welcome to Omega Psi Theta,” the asshole said with a smirk. He glanced in the direction Finley had gone. “It’s great to be back. Enjoy the view fellas.” He might have walked away, but August wasn’t having that. “That’s my sister,” August sneered. His mouth held open for a second. Then he held up a finger. “Twins?” “The important thing to know is she’s off-limits.” The bane of my existence stared at my best friend as if August had offered to buy him a beer and not warned him about hitting on his sister. “I think that’s for her to decide.” The guy casually walked off, and that’s how I learned his name. As I held August back and said, “He’s not worth it,” the crowd shouted Billy like he was some kind of God. August jerked out of my hold and pointed at the pool. “See, that’s why I didn’t want to bring her. Shit like this.” As much as she didn’t believe it, August truly worried about her as did I. If Billy’s thoughts about Finley were anything close to mine, I’d have to kill him.