Pebbles Lacasse

Pebbles and I met through social media. We both write in roughly the same genres so this is going to get steamy. Better put the kiddies to bed and pour a glass of your favorite beverage.

Author Bio

Pebbles Lacasse writes sizzling erotic romance novels with a bdsm subgenre. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada where she was born and raised.
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Tell us about yourself.

I write tales of steamy romance. I love taking my characters in my erotic novels on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they explore their innermost thoughts and desires. I’ve written books under several different genres and aliases, favouring erotic romance and BDSM.

Born and raised in southern Ontario, I never felt a need to stray too far. I still reside in the area with my husband of many years. Unfortunately, my two adult children have moved away to further their educations and careers. Being very family oriented, their absence is greatly missed. Thankfully, internet keeps us feeling close.

I spend my time tapping the keys on my computer, playing and training my Mastiff, enjoying life with my husband, and loving all the wonderful people who enrich my life.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

That’s a funny story. My whole life, I’ve had crazy stories running through my head, and didn’t think much of it. I fell ill and wasn’t able to go to work or do much of anything. It was a very dark time in my life. To keep myself entertained and sane, I spent my time building huge puzzles—one being 8000 pieces—and gluing them together so my husband could frame them to put them up on the walls. After I had finished the fourth, he begged me not to start another, saying we didn’t have room on the walls. So, he suggested I write a book, or something. I sat down at my computer and pounded out three books in two months. I taught myself how to self-publish and away I went.

After I changed my genre to erotic romance, I was picked up by a publishing company, and the rest is history. I’ve recently published a few on KU, feeling a need to go back to my roots and publish them indie style.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

What do I like to read? I love anything with romance, suspense, drama and even horror, as long as it’s leading up to an erotic event. A lot of authors won’t read the genre they write, saying it makes them feel like they’re still working, but I love reading and writing erotic romance.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

My books are definitely NOT for children. My stories include lots of explicit sexual encounters, centering around BDSM. They’re for people who are in that lifestyle or simply want to learn more about it. It’s not the Hollywood version of BDSM, it’s about the realism of the relationships between the doms and the subs. Please keep these books away from anyone under 18 years of age.

What is your current release or project?

I recently released My Wife & Master Jake. It’s a story about a writer, Beth, who has been married for a long time to a wonderful man, Henry. Their marriage is strong, and their sex life is wonderful, but starting to seem repetitive. He fantasizes about Jake, his sexually dominant coworker, ravishing his wife. It turns him on so much that he sets the two of them up. The story is about Beth discovering her strength through submission. You’ll follow her on her journey, experiencing her emotions, thoughts and physical struggles of both pain and pleasure. As the story builds, it intensifies when Henry discovers more truths about himself and his desires, than he ever imagined.

Tell us about the key characters

Beth McDavid is a tall woman with short, dark hair. She has no children and no pets. She’s been married to Henry McDavid for many years, he also has no children. She loves her husband but wants to experience something more, something thrilling. As a writer who is finding it difficult to find an ending to her newest work in progress, she is starting to doubt her talent. She realizes the genre is no longer interesting her, so she switches it to resemble her new life as a submissive to Jake.

Henry McDavid is Beth’s husband. He’s tall, with dark hair, a thin build, and quite handsome. He is all business when he talks about his job, which is why he sits in such a high position. Companies hire him and his coworkers to find inconsistencies in their financials. He’s been hiding a secret kink, which is what this book is about. He wants to watch his wife succumb to a strong dominant, Jake.

Jake O’Keefe is a drop dead gorgeous younger man, who exudes dominance both at work and at play. He is tall, with long blond hair that is always messy, and sky-blue eyes that seem to see into Beth’s conscience, knowing everything she’s thinking. He is a dominant who adores Beth and treats her with kindness, even when she is succumbing to his wicked punishments.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Beth is a mystery writer, unable to find an ending to her newest manuscript. The stories she writes aren’t thrilling her the way they used to. Although happy with the life she’s built with her husband, Henry, a little more spice in their sex life would relieve the monotony that’s stalling her creativity.

Henry is a high-powered accountant, in a stressful position. He works long hours, but always makes time for the love of his life, Beth. Henry has a secret desire to watch his wife being seduced by his sexually dominant co-worker and friend, Jake.

She agrees to meet with the younger, gorgeous man, but only after Henry’s urging. She can’t deny how his confidence and sexy, seductive voice excites her. His explanation of the rules convinces her that she can walk away at any time. Jake hopes she’ll discover how powerful she is, through her submission to his BDSM desires. Her sessions with him test her mentally, physically and emotionally. She soon finds herself craving what he has to offer.

Henry’s voyeuristic desires bring forth the question of his own submission. Is being under the power of a woman, or another man, something he’s willing to do for his wife? Will their marriage thrive, or fail, when they take things further than either had planned?

Share an excerpt

     “Tell me what you want, Beth.”
     What does he want me to say? Does he want details like how fast or slow to fuck me? Perhaps just a rough description. “Make love to me.”
     He frowns. “No, I won’t ever do that. Your husband can make love to you. I’m available strictly for sexual pleasure but definitely not lovemaking. If you’re hoping for more than what I’m offering, you’ll be greatly disappointed.”
     “Oh, no! That’s not what I meant, exactly.” How can I not find the right words to describe what I want from him right now? I am a writer, goddammit!
     “Beth, in this room, I need you to be specific. What do you want?” I simply shrug, not sure of what to say. “Do you want me to lick or fuck your pussy? Fuck your ass again? Stimulate you another way, perhaps? I don’t often ask, so take advantage. I do what I want within her boundaries. Because I don’t know you well enough to know what you want, I will ask you this one time. What do you want, Beth?”
     “Um, I’d like to take you in my mouth.”
     “Do you want it to be forced, or should I let you have all the control?”
     “A little of both, maybe,” I reply with a shyness that’s unnecessary at this point.
     “I don’t ever want you to be coy with me. If you want something and I ask you to speak, answer me precisely; otherwise, I’ll do what I want, and you might not like it.” He insists, “Get down on your knees and tell me you want to suck my cock.”
     “Yes, Sir,” I say while sliding my weary body off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. He holds his cock in his fist. I’m looking up at him with my lips parted, ready to take him. He’s looking down at my gaping mouth. He puts two fingers in and slides them along my tongue until they are in past his knuckles. I watch him lick his lips. His eyes admire the depth his fingers have reached. He’s pleased with my ability to evade gagging. He pulls his fingers out, then slides them back in, but now there are three fingers at the back of my tongue. I open my throat and force my tongue against my bottom jaw to prevent me from gagging. I don’t want him to see me as an incapable woman.
     “Again, tell me what you want.”
     With his fingers still deep in my mouth, I do my best to say, “I want to suck your cock.”
     After sliding his fingers from my mouth, Jake says, “This should be fun.” His smile lifts the corner of his mouth as he puts the head of his cock between my lips and tells me, “Suck just that much.”
     I tighten my lips around the mushroom head and suck gently, teasing his hole with my tongue. I watch his facial twitches as my lips work the tip of his prick. He bites his bottom lip while stroking the back of my head with his hand. He lifts his chin and looks straight ahead as if to distract his thoughts from my actions. I start rocking my head forward and back, taking more of him in my mouth each time.
     Suddenly, Jake grabs my hair and yanks my head back. He bends down until his face is nearly touching mine. “You only suck what I offer you. Don’t be so fucking greedy.”
     He stands back up while my heart pounds, my eyes wide open, fighting back nervous tears. Why was he so angry with me? I was sucking his cock. Isn’t that what men like? I open my mouth and wait for him to put exactly how much he wants to in my mouth. Why am I so upset about disappointing him? He didn’t hit me or anything. Fucking get it together, Beth!
     He whispers reassuring words. “Don’t cry. You’re stronger than that. You have the power to make it all stop. Do you want to stop?” I shake my head. “You’ll learn to follow instructions. If I tell you to do something, you do it how I say; nothing more, nothing less. When I say that I only want you to suck the tip of my cock, that’s all you’ll suck until I offer you more. Do you understand?”
     I nod, still holding the tip of his cock between my lips. I return to sucking softly and licking the tip, staying conscious of how much I’m taking in. I no longer want to cry because he’s right; it’s my choice to be here, and I can leave if I want to.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Yes! My favourite scene is when Beth decides to visit Henry at the office. She meets her new friends, Jenna and Jake on the way. Jake escorts Beth, and he whispers an office scenario in her ear that has her dripping wet. In Henry’s office, Jake takes Beth on the desk in front on Henry. It’s hot and unexpected. Who hasn’t fantasized about having sex at work with a hot coworker?

What advice would you give a beginner?

The best advice I can give to a beginner is to do your research, always have a safeword, and trust your partner to keep you safe and to respect your boundaries. If you don’t feel safe, don’t do it. Also, have fun with it! The experience doesn’t have to be all serious and dark; laugh when you feel silly, scream when you feel the need and say when you want more or less. BDSM doesn’t always have to include pain.

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