Not the Plan

Apparently I'm getting to know the people at urgent care.  Yesterday Ken had an attack of kidney stones.  We spent three hours dealing with urgent care and then getting him prescriptions.  It was a long day.  He and I both napped when we got home.  His and my list of things to get done - … Continue reading Not the Plan

Unplanning My Next Year’s Goals

My year has certainly not turned out the way I planned it.  This is one of the reasons I don't like to make long term plans.  It isn't that my year has been worse - quite the contrary - it just hasn't turned out the way I planned.  I could be disappointed in myself and … Continue reading Unplanning My Next Year’s Goals

Out the Window… completely…

I'm one step away from finishing a project.  I just have one small step before I am done.  It will probably take me an hour.  Last night I was supposed to finish the project off and start on other projects for presents.  This did not happen.  In my head (my damn brain never stops working), … Continue reading Out the Window… completely…

Completely Unproductive

My evening was completely unproductive.  I meant to work on editing and writing.  I planned to get a chapter or two written on the next Wayfarer novel.  None of that happened.  I talked to all three of my daughters and one of my sisters.  I spent the night on the phone and video chatting.  It … Continue reading Completely Unproductive