Out the Window… completely…

I’m one step away from finishing a project.  I just have one small step before I am done.  It will probably take me an hour.  Last night I was supposed to finish the project off and start on other projects for presents. 

This did not happen.  In my head (my damn brain never stops working), I had a scene I wanted to get written.  It kept playing over and over.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

I meant to work on the project but I got distracted.  I opened my computer and started writing the scene.  I meant to work for an hour or so and switch over to the project. 

My sister called to ask me stuff.  I talked to her for a little bit before returning to my scene.  My friend called for a little bit.  She wanted me to read the scene to her.  I read a small bit to her before she said I should just email it to her.  I went back to writing.  I wanted to finish the scene before moving on to the project.

My middle daughter called to talk.  We chatted and she called me out on being distracted.  I was, I wanted to write my scene so I could get to my project. 

By the time I was done with all the phone calls and the scene, I was too tired to finish the project.  I will finish the project tonight.  I will.  I’m determined. 

Unless of course the scenes that are bouncing around in my head demand to be written, in which case, I might not finish the project until this weekend.  In which case, my plan will go out the window again….

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