Dorothy Michaels

I’ve met a number of lovely authors on social media of late. Here’s a conversation with one!

Author Bio

Dorothy Michaels has lived many different lives. A wife since she was 18 years old, she became a proud mother of two. From there she evolved to become a life guard for the Girl Scout troop she led. This in turn led to becoming a swimming instructor, life guard instructor, CPR instructor, and First Aid instructor through Red Cross. She combined being a Realtor for five years to becoming the Assistant Pool Director before she returned to school to become a Physical Therapist. After graduating she also taught Physiology for a local college while being a full time Physical Therapist. What can she say, she loves to teach as well as continually learning.

Dorothy has been a voracious reader of romance novels throughout all that time, falling in love with every one of the heroes she was reading about. They are all so sexy!

Dorothy is a published author in fiction as well as a nonfiction article for a professional journal for physical therapy.

She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter in what she laughingly calls her zoo. Two dogs, two Amazon parrots, a bearded dragon, and a 125 gallon salt water aquarium. Dorothy loves writing, gardening, cooking, painting, and reading romances.

When did you know you wanted to be an author? 

Since high school

What genres do you like to read?

Primarily romance novels, Suspense, Thrillers, Mysteries

Are these the same genres you write in?

I write romance novels primarily, but I have written several children’s books that will be published under a different pen name

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Adults 18+ years old

What is your current release or project?

Coming Undone (Some Like It Rough)

Red-Hot Rescuer will be released in the next three months

Tell us about the key characters

Cole is a billionaire focused on continually making money and enjoying his bachelor status to the max at the beginning of the book.  However by the end of the week he spends with Mari, he is seeing there’s so much more to life and makes changes necessary to expand his lifestyle to include a monogamous relationship with Mari, changes in his corporate life and weaving philanthropy deeply into his new life with Mari.

Cole in his own words:

I’m a nose to the grindstone kind of guy.  I learned everything I know about making money from my best friend’s father.  He’s one rich bastard. I intend to be richer.  I’m close, very close, and I’m not stopping now.  The only time I’m not working on my bottom-line is when I’m with women.  When it comes to women, I’m a player.  I admit it.  In fact, I own it.  I’m proud of the fact that I’ve fucked more women than I can count.  I’m not opposed to going at it all night, but one night is where I draw the line.  My rule?  Avoid relationships like the plague.  They’re messy.  I’m used to my conquests seeing me as a means to an end.  They like to be seen with me. I’m good in bed and the women who share mine like having that bragging rights.  They aren’t interested in the man behind the money.  That’s always been all right by me.  
But when Kode, my best friend, decides to hold his wedding and the week-long celebrations before it at the Empress Hotel on Grand Cayman Island, I see her.  She’s the only bright spot through all the boredom of schmoozing with the rich and famous.  She’s a little sandy blonde spitfire who works as the Empress Hotel event planner.  Her startling light blue eyes captivated me.  She would laugh and flirt with everyone making sure they had a good time, except me.  I couldn’t stop following her with my eyes as she flitted from one place to the next.  But she avoided my eyes whenever she was near me.  Never before have I had a woman totally ignore me.  She was such an enigma.  Yet somehow, it made me want her more.  

Mari is strong woman who has been knocked down by life and stands back up to continued on in her own terms.  She was born wealthy but turned her back on it to marry for love instead of producing baby billionaires. When her husband and daughter were killed she finished her college education and moved to Grand Cayman Island to start an entirely new life. 

Mari in her own words:

I’m an event planner at the Empress Hotel on Grand Cayman Island.  I escaped there to begin my life over again after my husband and daughter were killed in a vehicular homicide.  I’ve been celibate since then by choice.  One man who was present for all the parties to celebrate the wedding I have been working on this week stood out from all the rest.  He was breathtaking to look at.  I felt a sexual charge whenever I was near him but I refused to make eye contact.  He was a hot topic among the other women working the events with me.  It was whispered that he was a business mogul himself who was regularly photographed with various beautiful women and fucked them all.  None of that interests me in the slightest.  But whenever I was near him I could feel the sexual energy pouring off his body, smell the pheromones in the air.  It made my insides quake whenever I felt him watching me, tracking my every movement – and that was the entire time I was in the same room with him. I felt his predatory power; his sexuality as his arresting blue eyes followed me, drank me in, and called to me.
The fact that he looked like a cross between an NFL quarterback and a male model didn’t help my peace of mind either.  His clothes were obviously tailor made for him fitting him to perfection in a way that accentuated his broad shoulders, expansive chest, narrow hips, and the bulge in the front of his pants. It spoke of another asset that made the women around him drool. But the last thing I wanted to do was hook up with a manwhore. And I certainly wasn’t interested in being just another notch on his bedpost.
But somehow his presence on the island made me want, no, need to make some changes in my life.  It’s time to stop the five-year drought of being celibate.  I now long to let my hair down and live life to the fullest instead of just planning other people’s life events for them. I love my job but all work and no play – or sex for that matter – is making me feel like I am being left behind and that simply has to change starting now.

Share an excerpt

When we near the Open Ceiling cave, the guide points out a red birch tree.  “The islanders call it the tourist tree because it is red and always peeling just like the tourists.”  He grins with amusement.  Everyone in our group chuckles at his humor.  He points out another very slender tree and tells us it is a pepper cinnamon tree that smells like cinnamon but tastes like pepper.  My curiosity got the best of me.  I had to go over and smell the bark.  “It really does smell like cinnamon,” I report to Cole.  “Come over here and give it a whiff.  It smells so nice.”

Cole inhales a lungful, and then leans over to whisper in my ear.  “I like the smell of your pussy better.”  The combination of his come-fuck-me voice his blatant gaze scatters goose bumps across my skin.  Even in this group of strangers, Cole’s eyes broadcast pure sex.  His look tells me he wants me and that he will take me and fucks me into submission the first opportunity he has.  I clench under his powerful stare.  My breath hitches and I blush.  He smiles at my body’s response.  One of the pair of older women walking behind us fans herself dramatically before she looks at her friend and says, “I wish I had a man look at me like that!”  Then they giggle like schoolgirls.  She pats my arm as she walks by and tells me, “You’re a lucky girl to be with this one.”

I gaze up at Cole.  With his just-fucked hair, two-day growth on his strong jaw and molten blue eyes outlined with their sinfully long dark lashes, he is the epitome of male perfection.  “I am lucky, aren’t I?”  He gives my hand a little squeeze and winks at me.  Cole is trouble.  Big.  Fucking.  Trouble.  And he is making it difficult to breathe right now because my heart is beating so fast from the excitement of being near him.  Somebody needs to pinch me so I know I am not dreaming right now.

 Definitely out of my league.  And he has ruined me for all other men with his lovemaking.  The bar was now simply set too high for any other man to live up too.

Do you have a favorite scene?

I like the kidnapped scene where Mari stays calm under pressure so she can escape.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Keep writing everyday, learn as much as you can from other authors, and never give up.