The Ring of Twelve – Aries

The Ring of Twelve Series book 1

by Bestselling Author Brian McCord

When gamer Aubrey Anastassia answers an ad in a small newspaper, a greed for the bloodlust in video games spills over into real life, fulfilling his passion for hunting human game. All he needs is five kills to qualify for the Game, then along comes Marian. Will her love be enough to redeem his soul? Or will he be condemned to wander through life asking, “what if?”


He had been the sniper for his platoon, providing ground support as they advanced in their mission to re-take and hold the city.  From his eagle-eye point of view, he could see up and down the street where two-by-two troops were going door-to-door checking for insurgents when a woman came toward them with a child in tow.  Both raised their hands, but something seemed a bit off to him.  Neither the woman nor the child walked with a normal gait as if something was preventing a natural stride.  He put the scope on them and could see bulges on their bodies where there shouldn’t be any, and he was convinced they were unwilling suicide bombers sent by insurgents to kill and maim US and Coalition troops.  His captain was shouting in their native language, commanding them to stop, but they kept walking forward, shaking their heads.  The woman’s hand moved to the right, but the child froze.  They were six meters – about 20 feet – away when he took the shot.  The woman, then the girl, dropped dead where they stood.

Author bio

Author Brian McCord is a Best-Selling Author on Amazon and is the proud author of books such as

Ascension of the Lost Souls #1 in New Release

The Delilah #1 in New Release (70’s 8-Track Rock anthology)

The Delilah #3 in New Release (as a standalone)

The Postcard Series #1 in New Release

The 13th Room #2 in New Release (Anthology)

He is also a ground-breaking author, displaying his prose in The Rise of the Quaranteens which is the first known fictional book to be published about COVID-19. In the early days of the pandemic, the numbers were changing by the hour, yet he painstakingly took the time to report the numbers at the time of publication.

Brian lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife and co-author Christina. He is Dad to 4 kids and 3 dogs, and Papa to 4 grandchildren.

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