The Huntress

Hannah E Carey

Conor and Rhiannon have joined forces to win Pern Coen its freedom from the Empire of Kelnore, but their fight has only just begun. Crown Princes Alekos has sworn to capture and destroy both the Hunter and the Huntress, but what he doesn’t know is that the Huntress is his beloved cousin.

More than just Alekos and the Kelnorian Army, however, threaten to tear Conor and Rhiannon apart. Conor’s former betrothed reveals that she, too, has survived the Kelnorian invasion. Wynne wants Conor back and her return to his life threatens the fledging relationship that he and Rhiannon have built. But Wynne is also hiding a secret. She harbors a power that could change the tide of the war. When Alekos learns of Wynne’s gift, he offers her a greater future than any she has ever imagined, but it will only be hers if she gives him her loyalty in return.

Rhiannon has become the warrior she has dreamed of, but will she and Conor lose everything they have fought so hard for at the hands of the empire?


Rhiannon was shoved toward Conor, barely able to keep herself upright, and with his hands bound, Conor was helpless to steady her. Her chest ached as she looked up at him and she could see the tears brimming in his eyes. Wynne let out a mocking laugh and Rhiannon fixed the other woman with a defiant look.

She turned back to Conor, pressing her lips to his and pouring all of her passion and sorrow into the kiss they began to exchange. If it was to be their last, Rhiannon refused to give Wynne the satisfaction of seeing her hold back from him. He had been everything she had never known she wanted or needed, a man she would have willingly spent a lifetime with.

Too soon, he pulled away, bringing his lips close to her ear as he whispered, “Be strong, Rhian. You are anything but weak; do not let them make you believe otherwise.”

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