Tiny Steps

Last night I got sucked into a non-writing project and spent my evening fussing with it and not writing. This was disappointing. I also didn’t sleep last night.

Tonight, well I had a rough day and I’m super tired (bad night isn’t helping). So I thought this won’t be a writing night – I’m too tired. But people left me alone, even the cat went away. So I wrote for a bit and got distracted by messages on messenger and conversations with my daughters (always a highlight in my day).

So officially I wrote just under 1000 words tonight bringing my total to 7800. It’s progress but I’m a little disappointed with how little I’ve progressed. The story is there. I need to just focus.

Part of my problem is it’s set in locations I know and other people will know so I want the description of them to be right. Tonight I spent a bit of time looking at pictures of a museum I plan to have as a setting instead of writing the setting. From the pictures, I think I can do a decent job describing it but it took time away from writing.

So tiny steps in my progress to finish this story….

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