Short Story Progress

On the nights I work in the office, it’s difficult for me to write as I’m usually in a lot of pain so not a lot of movement over the last couple nights. I hoped to get more done tonight but I got side tracked (more on this later).

As I was talking with my youngest daughter today, I came up with an idea for the ending of this short story. I was telling her about the story and asking her about scary things. Ideas started popping in my head. I’ve jotted down a few – we’ll see how many actually make it into the story.

It was after 11:30 tonight when I started writing. The story is flowing now which is fantastic. So I look at my clock on my computer and say – What? When did it get to be 1:00 am? Doesn’t matter really.

The nice thing though is I got 1500 words done on the story. I’m at almost 9300 so halfway done with the story. I’m not sure I can write the rest in 10K so I might have to check with the organizer to see if she’s okay if I go over.

Sidetracked – well I joined Discord and have created a server on there. Tonight I worked on building the channels on the server. If you want to join me, I’m here –

I’m still working on the channels but it’s coming along. On my website I have a page for stand alone novels, so I may create a list from there.

I’m not working for five days! On Asana I have a ton of tasks I want to work on. I actually hope to make at the very least a good dent into those before she’s done with me. I need to finish this story and start checking off items from my to do list.

Tomorrow we’re processing food from the gardens and farmer’s market. This will likely take up most of the day. I hope to write in the evening though.

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