Weekend Work

After answering emails and doing a bit of work on the computer, I worked on organizing the craft room.  I got yarn put away, Vicki’s yarn condensed into fewer containers, and shelves cleared so we could get the organizer in the closet.

Ken helped by putting together the organizer.  Then we had to try different things in the closet for the left over space from the organizer.  Eventually we settled on custom shelves which I’m happy to say we aren’t going to pay anything for because Ken had all the material here he needed.

Our morning was all about getting the closet organized.  The afternoon we watched movies and I crocheted – sort of.  I napped a bit as well as crocheting.  After supper, I worked on the afghan I’ve been working on.  It took a while but I finished it.  Then I worked on sewing a coin purse to the clasp.  I remember how much I dislike doing this.  I quit at one point with frustration.  My hands hurt and I was struggling to get the needle through the holes.  Today I’ll probably work on finishing that.

I was up late watching the last of the Harry Potter movies.  This is what I’ve been watching while I crochet.  Friday night I got a whole skein done (large 1 pound skein) and yesterday I finished off the last skein.  Today I’ll be taking pictures and measurements to go with my pattern so I can publish.

If Ken gets my shelves done, I’m going to attempt to go through the craft room to work on the organizing part.  I’ll have to see how the day goes.

I woke up with about four scenes in my head for the next Wayfarer book.  After Ken goes to bed, I’m hoping to get those added in.  I’m trying to decide what I want where for craft and pagan supplies and where it will all go.  I may shift some stuff in my office to bring in some of the pagan stuff but I have to see how the space goes in the craft room first I think.

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