Only the best scenes…

Yesterday I got another tentative acceptance.  I wrote a different take on the topic for an issue and the editor thought it was different and might fit in the issue.  She’s holding it until then.  

Last night I was tired.  My energy level was in the basement.  I wanted to write but my brain was not having it.  I sat and watched the Harry Potter movies.  Now I say that but I didn’t actually watch them all the way through.  I started the first one and watched my favorite scenes.  I did that for both the first and second one.  
While I was watching, I worked on a crochet project.  This is a graduation gift and I’m hoping to finish it soon.  This is a pattern of my own creation and a little different than I normally do.  At first I really doubted whether it was a good pattern but now as I’m about half done with it, I am really starting to like it.  It’s different making it unique.  I’m hoping she will like it.  
This weekend I’m trying to talk Ken into working on the craft room closet.  I’d really like to get it organized and settled.  I’d love to be able to walk in there and just grab what I need or put back what I’m done with.  I’m hoping he will be willing to work on it but I just never know.
I’ve got three or four scenes in my head for Wayfarer 11.  It’s a matter of getting them down on paper.  I had an “oh crap” moment yesterday when I realized I had one of my characters giving birth too early.  I tried breaking things up.  I tried rearranging.  I thought about rewriting but in the end I took the simple route and just added days to the contract day at the beginning of the chapter.  It solved the problem without causing major rewrites and had little effect on the story itself.
My plan is to do the closet and work on the crochet project this weekend.  If I can finish both, I’ll consider it an excellent weekend.  Now I’ve put this out in the world, let’s see what the universe throws back at me.

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