Back to Crocheting (hopefully)

I’ve not crocheted since Saturday.  I’m antsy to finish my project but my arm has been bad.  I woke up Sunday unable to move it without pain.  My hand was swollen and I couldn’t close it.  I spent the day reading a book with a heating pad on my arm.

At this point I am taking Tylenol regularly and I can tell when I am past the time to take it.  I’ve been reading and writing rather than crocheting.  I can almost straighten my arm.  It is much less painful.

Tonight I’m going to try crocheting again.  I’m hoping I can get a full section done so when I get to Georgia to visit my daughter (who the afghan is for) she can tell me if she wants another round or not.

I’m packing it up tomorrow right before we leave because I might have time to work on it before Ken gets home from work.  My arm still  hurts but I will make an effort to finish it while I’m down with her.  Then I will stop crocheting for a week or two to give my arm a chance to heal.

I can’t decide if it is the yarn or the amount of crocheting time but I’ve never had my arm hurt like this just from crocheting.  I guess I’ll have to be more careful about the time I spend crocheting.

I still have a long list of things I want to get made.  I have three lists of things other people want.  It will be fun to work on them but not while my arm is so cranky.

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