Back to Crocheting (hopefully)

I've not crocheted since Saturday.  I'm antsy to finish my project but my arm has been bad.  I woke up Sunday unable to move it without pain.  My hand was swollen and I couldn't close it.  I spent the day reading a book with a heating pad on my arm. At this point I am … Continue reading Back to Crocheting (hopefully)

Bent Arm Crocheter

Up early this morning with the intention of going to Sorg's to get meat and cheese.  Hardly any of it is for Ken and I, most of it is for the girls or the trip. This weekend will be prep time for the trip.  We'll gather the things we want to take to the girls, … Continue reading Bent Arm Crocheter

Keeping the Boredom at Bay

My arthritis is bothering me, making me cranky and ornery.  Pity Ken - he has to put up with me when this happens. Yesterday he ran out to get me a variety of things to attempt to make me feel better.  I can cross Aleve off my list, it didn't touch the pain I felt … Continue reading Keeping the Boredom at Bay

Post Migraine – I hope

Yesterday a migraine ripped through my head making me useless for the day.  By evening my head was less miserable but still not great.  I opted to watch movies while laying in the dark.  It didn't bother my head like trying to crochet or writing.  I watched Hitch and She's the One.  I haven't seen … Continue reading Post Migraine – I hope

The Death of an Orange Pen

Yesterday I spent the day with my mother and going through some genealogy stuff.  It was good to look through family memories and mysteries.  We discovered invitations and thank you cards sent to my grandmother that we think come from some cousins but we can't quite place them.  It will be fun to see how … Continue reading The Death of an Orange Pen

Risk Management

I’ve been taking Darvacet / Darvon for 19 years.  It is the only pain killer that has given me relief from the arthritis, gout, bent bone etc pain that I suffer.  Now Darvacet has been taken off the market.  Apparently it causes heart issues.  So far the docs have tried one other pain med, Tramaldol, … Continue reading Risk Management