Bent Arm Crocheter

Up early this morning with the intention of going to Sorg’s to get meat and cheese.  Hardly any of it is for Ken and I, most of it is for the girls or the trip.

This weekend will be prep time for the trip.  We’ll gather the things we want to take to the girls, start packing, change the oil in the car (that’s really Ken and not a we thing), and I’m sure there are more things.  I’m trying to make a list and do as I think of them.  I need to find my car charger so I can get that in the car (new one that we got with the new phones).

On top of that I’m still struggling with a sore arm and a long crochet list.  I’ve rested my arm for two days and it has helped slightly – at least until I start moving my arm and trying to function.  The thing is – it doesn’t hurt when I crochet.  Solution – at least for me at this time – finish the two projects that are time sensitive – i.e. Virginia’s afghan and the bibs for Vicki’s co-worker.  I’ll keep taking Tylenol, massaging the arm, and use the heating pad.  I’ll stretch more as I work but I need to finish these so I’m going to work on them this weekend.

I’ll have a week of traveling so hopefully my muscles in my arm will mellow out and relax during that time.  If not, when I get back, I’ll go to the doc to see what should be done.

Meanwhile, I’ll be a bent arm person who can’t reach to the right.  I’m okay with that.

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