Back to Work (or in my head it is Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go)

First thing this morning I went back to my normal routine (mostly) and got myself off to work.  I had help because I still need assistance with getting things.  Vicki made my breakfast and my lunch.  I drove to work, got my scooter out, and got into work on my own. 

It may seem like a small thing.  Big deal.  I got off to work on my own.  For me it is a big deal.  My sense of self came back a bit and I felt more independent than I have in weeks.  I appreciate the assistance and care that Vicki has given me.  I wouldn’t have been as mobile as I was without her.  It was just great though to be able to get out on my own. 

I worked nearly eight hours which is more than I’ve worked since before Thanksgiving.  My foot swelled and by the end of the day I was worn out.  However, I was still able to move about and get myself from office to van without assistance.  I got the scooter back in the van and got home on my own.  Again a little thing for most but feels like a giant step for me.

Now once I got home the recliner and I enjoyed a nap.  I spent the rest of the evening in the recliner and took Tylenol to help with the pain.  More of my pain was in my knees though than my foot.  My foot is still swollen but it is not very painful so this is a huge improvement. 

Tomorrow will be another work day and I have a lot to get done before classes start in two weeks.  Wow!  Classes start in two weeks.  I have to get my books ordered from Amazon and call the rental to see if either class has books there.  I have five books to buy and they are expensive.  The science one is outrageous.  I’m going to make sure I don’t write in it so I can sell it back when I’m done.  The four for my writing class I’ll have to see if I find them useful.  The writing books I’ve been keeping.  I do need to remember to put the grammar book on sale though as I won’t use the one I got for one of my classes last semester. 

My desk and office are a colossal mess.  I’m hoping that I can be well enough to get in there to clean it up before classes start otherwise it will likely take me all semester to clean it up.  I’ll likely keep the information from my grant writing class and the book.  For the other class I’ll be much more selective about what I keep and what I discard. 

Part of me wants to just get in there and start on it and then I move my foot and I know it won’t be happening tonight.  I’m thinking I’ll try to get to bed before midnight for a change.

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