I’m driving a shorter distance, I’m working shorter hours and still I come home more tired than when I was at the DOT.  How is that possible?  I know my brain is working hard to learn new things and to fit in…

I’m very happy to report that my pain level is way down from my previous job.  I’m enjoying my job (not that I’m anywhere near full capacity on tasks).  The people are super nice and it has been a good start to a new job. 

I’ve only made it to the pool once this week.  I’m so tired by the time I’m done the thought of going to the pool is just too much.  I’m falling asleep while I eat just about. 

Vicki has been having supper ready when I get home – delicious suppers.  I’ve had pork chops and stuffing, turkey filets, and bbq ribs… all good stuff.. and veggies – I like my veggies.  🙂 

While I’m coping with all the learning and trying to take in all that I’m being told, I’m also enjoying the challenge.  I’ve got my student help doing an inventory so I can know what we have for office supplies.  They are also helping out with other things.  They have been great to work with. 

Alicia has been a JEWEL!!!!  She answers my million questions nicely.  She is always there with encouragement and assistance.  Lunch with her has been pleasant.  She reads, I read or write in my journal. 

So far this has been a very good move.  I’m sure it will continue to be so and I’ll be glad when I can go to work and not be so exhausted at the end of my day….

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