Strong Women and strong opinions

I DVR the View.  I most enjoy it when Barbara Walters is on there.  She is an amazing woman.  I watched yesterday’s show where Bill O’Reilly was on.  I KNOW why I don’t watch this man.  He is condescending and sensational.  He says things that deliberately provoke a negative response in people.  Joy and Whoopi were so offended by his comments they walked off the interview.  This was somewhat diva like and if they were in the role of journalist then they were unprofessional.  However, when someone sits there and says Muslims (the implication being all of them) caused all the deaths for 9/11, that is offensive.  Muslims did not cause the attacks.  The Muslim faith does not tout violence or death.  Extremists who follow that faith did the heinous acts on 9/11. 

There are many incidences where Americans have caused terror and mayhem both here in the US and abroad.  If you want to point fingers and say we need to restrict movements, then we all need to take a step back and look at what principles this country was founded on.  So we restrict the KKK and white supremacists from having rallies and their freedom of speech (yes their propaganda is HIGHLY offensive).  What happens when Pro-Choice people want to rally in an area where Pro-Life is dominant?  Do we restrict them?  We have to be careful of this slippery slope.

There is an issue in front of the supreme court concerning the reverend who picketed at the same time a soldiers funeral was going on.  I find this offensive.  The supreme court has to choose between the right to privacy (which we have so little of anymore) and the right of free speech.  Which one will they restrict?  I don’t know but either way they are taking our legal system onto a slippery slope.

I firmly believe the reverend was WRONG in every way.  My question is – why did the media give him so much time?  They have certainly allowed his idiocy and moral ineptitude to play longer than it should have. 

These issues are complex and volatile. Unfortunately there are no easy answers – just more questions….

6 thoughts on “Strong Women and strong opinions

  1. Excellent post, Eileen–

    You make several very good points. As you say, one of the downsides to the freedoms we have is that we must provide them to all if they are to have any meaning. That means that sometimes some pretty vile people get to speak their minds. But so do the rest of us. The question is, where does freedom of speech meet the restriction of not shouting "fire" in a burning theater?

  2. Joy and Whoopi got their feelings hurt?.. Boo..Tear..condescending and sensational.. yes Bill rocks! These ladies are viscous in their own right and there is tons of media feed to show just this. That aside, it is only when it does not fit in their "view" do they walk of stage?? I thought is was a fair show sharing View…Ha!!!! They should be able to handle their own in a professional setting. Bill did not Condemn Muslims, we were attacked by Muslims minus the politically correct word "Extremist". Maybe his bad for not adding a "word". But we all know the attacker on American soil were Muslims.

  3. Actually on The View they have many views. Elizabeth is Ultra Conservative and voices her opinion very strongly. As I said – I like Barbara because she wants a discussion on the topics to try to increase understanding and express all views. It was not the entire Muslim community that attacked America – it was an extreme group. Blaming all Muslims as he did is like blaming all Germans for what Hitler did or blaming all Christians for what the reverend who protested for the soldier's funeral.

    Thank you for your opinion – I do agree they two were unprofessional if they were actual journalists. They aren't. Also I think it is better to walk off then to do something that goes against their moral code.

  4. Bodie I agree with you that unfortunately if we want to right to speak our minds, others get the same rights. The only way to offset the idiots is to not give them a forum…

  5. One of the biggesst problems is the media sensationalize the extremists views. Instead of ignore the extremists they blast it all over the TV and Web so it gets around to everyone. Like the reverand in Florida who was going to burn the Quran on 9/11. The news picked it up and a lot of the world community got angry over it. There was another news segment with Phelps-Roper's Kansas Church. Why are we giving them the time of day. I'm all for Jon Stewart's Sanity Rally on October 30 in DC 🙂

  6. I agree. I wish I could go but sadly I'm busy just managing life. If we don't like what these extremists are saying then let's not give them the time to say it. Walk away and show them that their opinions and actions are isolated.

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