Yesterday my gout flared up – no fun let me tell you.  The good thing that came out of it though is that I spent the majority of the day in my recliner.  This meant that I finished Stephanie’s afghan!!! 

I don’t know how long I’ve been working on this afghan.  It has eight points and each point is more than a yard long.  This means that to make one full round (row) it was nearly like working on eight rows at once.  I took an eight pointed star doily pattern and used a bigger hook to make this afghan.  I’ve done this before with other doily patterns.  This one turned out beautifully. 
Two of my daughters (smart asses that they are) asked if it was big enough and told me I should maybe do one more round of colors.  What I said in return I don’t think I should print – it wasn’t polite. 
I’ve now started a new big project – well it is a smaller big project.  For me a big project is one that I can’t finish in one sitting.  Now I’m working on a sweater for Vicki.  When I get done with that I’ll work on Beth’s afghan.  While I’m working on the big projects I like to add in little projects so I can see something get accomplished so I have several of those to work on as well. 
My foot is still bugging me but I’m hoping to spend the time while Vicki is gone working on writing and bills.  Once she is home we have a project or two to work on.  Tomorrow will be a great day because I am going to go visit with Laura!!!  Then it will be the weekend and back to work on Monday.  This is definitely shaping up into a good vacation!

Stephanie picked the colors.  She has three shades of blue with each group of rows separated by a light gray.  Each of the color groupings is three rows.  The picture was taken on our loveseat which is over six feet long – I can’t find my tape measure but from center to end of one point is over a yard so across is probably a good 72 – 75 inches.  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn so the texture of the afghan is super soft but at the same time the yarn is really durable and washable.  I’m super pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to see Stephanie’s face when she sees it complete for the first time.

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