Insomnia Strikes Again

Last night I was a responsible adult and went to bed around 11 pm.  This is good for me as I like the night and would stay up till 2 or 3 am if I didn’t have to be on the job at 7:45 am.  However, last night I should have just stayed up.  I didn’t sleep a wink.  I spent the night trying to sleep.  I got up once when Ken got up and went back to bed thinking I might be able to sleep as I was so tired.
Sadly, that didn’t happen.  I heard everything he did.  Every noise annoyed me and kept me awake.  Totally not his fault as he is normally very quiet in the morning.  At 5:30 my alarm went off and I debated staying home.  I hit the snooze as is my habit.  I thought I’ll see how I feel in nine minutes.  I hit it until 6:30 when I realized that even if I stayed home I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. 
The bad part is the lack of sleep cascades into so many other issues.  My pain level goes up.  My allergies (with the lovely humidity we are having) are overreacting to the weather, as is my asthma.
The funny thing is you would think I would be grumpy.  On a level I am but at this point I’m just well tired.  I’m sure I’ll go through the silly and giddy stage and drop into the crabby as all get out stage (that is the worst).  Once I reach this stage it is best for me to isolate myself (sleep is good but not always attainable).

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