Work Ethic

What is acceptable behavior when it comes to your job?  I think it would be difficult to work from home or be a successful business owner, if the work ethic wasn’t high.  What are your top three pet peeves when it comes to co-workers or subordinates?
I do not like someone who isn’t prompt or is habitually late.  I’m not talking about the occasional five minutes late that happens to all of us.  I’m talking about the person who strolls in ten minutes or more late every single day.  People are expecting you to be there to do the job you were hired to do. 
I do not like someone who is willing to allow others to do the tasks that need doing.  I hate filing.  Okay not hate.  I am annoyed when filing is made more difficult because whoever was in the files before you screwed things up.  And to be honest if I had to file things all day, I’d be looking for a different job.  However, if filing needs to be done, I do it.  There are tasks in every job that you do not like to do.  That doesn’t mean that you shove that work off on someone else.  It means you find ways to do the job quickly and efficiently so you spend the least amount of time doing it.
I do not like someone who tries to tell me my job.  Okay so I’ve only been in my job ten months and I still need assistance with some things.  However, if I know how to do something than I really don’t need someone to bump heads with me and say do it this way. 
Even if the job you are in isn’t your dream job, it is important to perform to your highest ability.  One could say why?  I’m not going to be here more than a year or two.  One could be very wrong.  You could end up stuck in that job longer than you expect.  Also at some point you may need a reference from that job.  Also any job can lead to a bigger and better job which means you should be putting your best foot forward. 
If you develop a strong work ethic early in life then it will carry you through no matter where you want to go and what you want to do.  Without a strong work ethic it would be difficult to work well from home or have your own successful business.  

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