Last Vacation Day

My day got discombobulated from the beginning. I slept late which was good. But then the things I planned to do first, didn’t get done until later. It all worked out eventually but not according to my plan. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me but it threw me for a bit today.

I am loving Asana for managing my tasks. I opened it today and started on my list. I got most of them done. I rescheduled a couple. One nice thing by using this, I look at my tasks and think ahead about them.

One of my tasks was to schedule weekly posts for my preorders. I was trying to decide how far in advance I was willing to trust FB to keep posts if I scheduled. Then I remembered – I have Buffer. I can schedule posts on there and it will hand on to them as we move forward.

Tomorrow will be pickling, canning, and freezing. My daughter and husband will go to the farmers’ market and bring back the bounty. Then we will work on processing. I usually do a good chunk of the cutting up of stuff. But we have to see what she’s able to get locally right now.

Tonight, I watched a premade sale by my favorite cover designer. After that, I worked on Sacrificed to the Sea Monster again. I made it to almost 20K writing almost 5K tonight. I got two plus chapters written and a big chunk of my plot started. The more I write, the more I think this will be a series. I’ve gotten suggestions for other creatures which would work in this theme so… high probability this will occur.

I’ve got the weekend ahead and I’m hoping to fit in some editing (for a client) and I need to do practical things like pay bills and work on budget. So I’ll be busy but I also hope I can add more to the Sea Monster story. I’m drawing near the halfway mark for me… or the halfway mark for the length I aim for. There’s a difference based on what the characters tell me they want.

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