Vortex of Desire is Black Velvet Seductions’ latest Sci-fi Romance Anthology. It contains an amazing group of authors who journey beyond space and time to prove love has no boundaries. Join us as we venture into perilous worlds and explore hidden desires which lie beyond the wormhole; or discover a torrent of adventures here on earth and experience love that will not be denied. Whether it’s a trek through the stars or an escape into new realities close to home, Vortex of Desire has something for everyone: mystery, humor, sweet to spicy romances, adventure and suspense. These diverse writers will transport you to new realms and introduce you to intriguing life forms, aliens, exotic creatures, mad scientists, and monsters. Buckle up and get ready to experience the twists and turns of Vortex of Desire. We hope you enjoy the voyage.

Eden Dome

Eileen Troemel

Brenna must escape or submit to the rules of Eden Dome. Supervisor Mallow attempts to force her to be with him. He intends to teach her how to be submissive. Brenna has no intention of following the rule but she’s held back by her love for one person, Jet. He’s her only friend and the only one she wants to be with.

Jet has loved Brenna since he was ten though he’s never told her. The Dome rules forbid mixing between males and females until after a female has produced two children by different male. Jet will not let harm come to Brenna. But the only way to protect her may be deadly.

If Jet and Brenna defy the rules of Eden Dome, will they survive the outside world? Or is it as toxic as the elders say?

Tag line

Conform or leave. Brenna and Jet must choose. 

Puma Pride

A shifter fated mate romance with a touch of mystery, danger, and intrigue.

Bears and Panthers; Hounds and Horses

Shifters don’t trust humans. Humans have experimented and tortured them. They’ve taken their children. Now the shifters are in charge, things are better except shifters don’t trust humans.

Jolyn, a human, finds teens hurting a shifter girl and stops them. Taking her home, they are attacked again but this time by another shifter group. When Minnie’s parents show up, Jolyn knows the Puma Pride could blame her for what happened to the alphas’ daughter. The black panther, the Pride’s enforcer, winds around her but she knows to stand up for herself. She’s not prey.

Brady, enforcer to the Puma Pride, is drawn to the woman who had his niece, Minnie. She smells of lilacs and Brady wants her. If his alphas order it, he’ll be the one to put her down. But his cat doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants something more.

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One More Scene

Tonight I’ve written a couple of scenes in the expanded version of Heart of Fire. I have one more scene to write and then I’ll be done. I have to think about how much detail I want to put into the explanation. I need to sleep on it. With any luck, I’ll finish it tomorrow.

This gets this part of the story up to almost 26K so combined with the second part at a little over 28K I’ll have a 54K novel roughly. The anthology will be out this year for six months.

Once I get my rights back to the story, I’ll combine the two and do another thorough edit on the whole thing. Then I’ll release it in ’24 as a novel. I believe I’ll give good value for the additional cost of it. Hopefully readers will feel the same.

Once I finish this one, I’ll take a break from writing to do some editing. I also have to do a bunch of book work. I need to pay bills, prep for taxes, and a few other things like this. I hope I still have time to finish this one but this stuff needs to get tackled so I can check it off my list.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I’ll have finished the addition to the story, book work, and the client work. I could go back to Hunger on Monday then. It all depends on how many interruptions I get this weekend.

Vicki and I plan to watch the six hour Pride and Prejudice. I can do book work and promoting while we do that. I also want to work on crocheting. I’ve got half the squares for a blanket crocheted together and want to do the other half and see how much yarn I have left so I can decide whether to do a border. It’s going to be a full weekend.


Dragon Descendant – Ariana

Winnod abandoned Ariana ten years ago.

Ariana’s fated mate denied her. She mourned his loss but she didn’t pursue him. She refused to chase a male who didn’t want her. She found her inner peace but her loneliness echoes from her to air dragons. They tell her to call him in the old way. If he’s a true mate, he’ll return. If he’s not, she should move on.

When Winnod returns, will his revelations tear them apart or heal the wounds?

Dragon Descendent Series

Sweet fantasy romance short stories. Marelo studies water dragons. She wants to prove they still exist, she ends up with much more than proving the water dragons are still alive. Solana has heard fire dragons her whole life. Now she connects with them and has found her mate, no matter how reluctant he is. Ariana grew up knowing her mate and the air dragons but he abandoned her ten years earlier. The time has come for her and her mate to aid the dragons, if they can resolve the issues between them. Bryony and her mate explore caves and in doing so connect with earth dragons. Once all these couples have connected with each other and  their dragons they’re set to delve into the mystery of a coming danger. Will they be able to prevent the danger?  

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Heart of Fire Sequel

Today’s been busy. Vicki and Ken did the grocery shopping. When they got home, I helped with prepping stuff for the freezer. I didn’t think I’d get writing time but I managed to write a small scene which led to a slightly longer scene before I had to prep for the author talk.

I did the author talk which was a bit slow. There weren’t a lot of people on with us. It was a good conversation.

After my author talk, wrote some more. I’m really close to the end of this story. I want to do nothing more than write but I’m wiped out.

Tomorrow is a full day with a few activities. I’ll be making breakfast while Ken gets out my swag for book events. Vicki and I will go through it tomorrow after breakfast – I think. We need to figure out what I have and what I need by October. There’s an author event – Book Love on the Rock – I’m going to and another one in February 2024 – RAWR Romance Atlanta Writers and Readers. I need to start buying and prepping for these events. It’s a lot to wrap my head around.

My hope is tomorrow after all the tasks I’ll have time to write and edit. I have a new client and need to get their work done as well as my own. With Monday off, I’ll try to focus on writing but the family does insist on me spending time with them.

Today was a good day for writing, I got over 3500 words written. I finished a partial chapter and finished a second chapter. I’m super pleased with my progress. According to my outline – still can’t believe I’m using one – I have five chapters left. If they are all about 2500 long, I will be over the word count for the story. I’m not worrying about it just yet. I want to tell the story and then I’ll see how long it is.

I hate the idea of cutting any of my ideas so I’ll check with the organizer and see what she says. I have time to adjust if I need to.

dragon festival during nighttime

New Short Story

Short stories are fun to write but the pacing can be troublesome depending on the word count allowed for the anthology.

I started writing a short story – calling it Portal for right now – It’s a part 2 to Heart of Fire. I have three chapters written and about 10K (slightly under) done.

I outlined this story. I don’t like to work with an outline because I usually get sidetracked from them and then frustrated because I have to put stuff aside. Well this has helped me focus which is a bit odd for me.

My hope is by the end of the weekend, I’ll have completed the first draft. But we’ll see. I just got a client for editing so that will slow me down a bit.

When I set up the new journal and made the decision to work this way, I was concerned it wouldn’t work but first run of it seems to be working. It at the very least keeps me on track.

I ended off starting the new chapter. It was in my head so I wanted to get the scene down before I forgot. Now tonight I can dream about the next step. It’s all about one mate being setup. Some of the dragons calling for his punishment and others standing by him. All while his mates are trying to find out the real traitor and who set him up.

I’ve got two chapters to write about it so depending on how much writing time I get tomorrow, I might be able to squeak out the two chapters. I’ve been averaging between 2500 words and 3500 words a night. It’s good progress.

black text on gray background

When the Muse Grabs You by the Throat, You have to Obey!

It’s 3:30 am and I meant to be in bed an hour ago. This is not an uncommon occurrence but still annoying. It’s been a meh day for me. I woke up feeling bent – this is my way of saying my arthritis was bad. I had to text my boss to tell her I wanted to start later. She’s always cool with this but it annoys me when I have to take advantage of it. I took an hour, slept for part of the time and then got moving (slowly) before getting to work. I opted not to make up my time.

This meant my brain was slow to work today. I made progress on tasks but I wanted to do super fast work. I couldn’t. I made a point of putting my computer aside for my lunch time. I knew I needed the break from it.

Because it was a rough day, I didn’t edit. My brain still felt sluggish and I didn’t think I had the bandwidth to give it the focus the editing needs. Instead, I talked with my sister and worked on a non-writing project.

Prepping for bed, my eyes were drooping and I felt worn out. When I turned everything off, I thought good I’ll be asleep in no time at all. Nope. That did not happen. I lay in the dark and heard this conversation.

Now I’ve signed up to write a bunch of short stories for different anthologies. I like writing short stories. They are quick writes and usually I can get them done in under a week. So I signed up for one and decided I could write in the Heart of Fire (short story I wrote several years ago) world and finish the story.

Earlier this week as I was getting writing things organized, I wrote a rough (vague) outline for this short story. I rarely do any planning or outlining so this was quite a thing for me. So I’m laying in the dark and I hear this conversation. I try to convince myself I can just remember it and get it down later… yeah I know. I laughed at the idea. So then I’m thinking – okay I’ll do talk to text and just email it to myself. But my phones been weird and I just want to get it written. I consider grabbing one of my rocket books but realize I’ll have to turn on the light. If I’m turning on the lights, I might as well open my computer.

So I did. Now I’ve got the first chapter done and I’ve written 1320 words. Now the short story needs to be 10,000 to 20,000 words. I’ve outlined 12 chapters so if I average 1500 words per chapter, I should be at about 18K when I’m done. We’ll see how that goes.

I like what I’ve written and I think I’ve gotten the snarky tone I want. I just need to make sure I write in first person present tense. That will be the hard part for me.

close up photo of white and black journal

Added Another Scene

At 11:30 pm I started writing. Or more accurately I reread the last scene I wrote and then moved forward with the next scene. I got about 800 words into this scene. So in all I’ve added another 2100 words to the book to put it in over 66K. I’m not worried about it. I’ve added some plot points which will be relevant in the subsequent books. I just need to make note of it.

I’m off work tomorrow! Yeah!

I hope this means I’ll have time to edit and write. I’m working with an author to help her with categories and keywords. I hope it won’t take more than two hours.

Once I’m done helping the author, I want to go back to my email notes and see if there’s anything else I need to address. My notes for book 2 in this series were minimal but I do want to make some notes from my research. I want to remember to incorporate tidbits in books 2 and 3. Breadcrumbs really…

My notes for Surrender to the Sea Demon are lengthy so my hope is to focus on those chapter notes and get a couple of chapter done.

I do need to do the client editing so I’ll work on that before I write. If I do it the other way, I won’t edit. I’d rather write so editing first.

We’re doing our virtual holiday with the family tomorrow night. It’s a good thing it’s virtual because the weather is miserable. Our temperature is -9 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill -34 degrees Fahrenheit. Not a pleasant environment. A perfect day to stay inside and write – after I edit.

Once Upon a Christmas – Bah Humbug

Eileen Troemel

Luke Buckner enjoys living next door to sexy Elena Latimer for most of the year. Starting in November, Elena turns into Scrooge. She complains about his outside decorations. She threatens to call the police if he turns on the lights too early. What is her problem?

Elena Latimer loves her gingerbread cottage and her quiet neighborhood. But her next door neighbor’s excessive holiday decorations turn their neighborhood into a zoo. The holidays are hard enough without his garish decorations.

Can Luke turn Elena’s bah humbug into a Happy Holidays?

photo of solar system

Half a Chapter Left

Wednesday and Thursday I was too tired and sore to write. I worked on other things like promoting and such. But no writing. This of course always makes me a bit grumpy.

Today was a work from home day. So I took a short nap after work. I was worn out. I still am but I managed to write 2500 words tonight. I’m up to a bit over 55K. I’m pleased with my progress but my brain is too tired to finish the current scene.

I’ve got to introduce more of the human women and some of the T’mbarian males. There’s twenty in the scene technically but they won’t all be named. It will be a crowded scene and some gossip will be shared but nothing verifiable. I think a short sex scene after. Then P’lar will be called away.

Not sure how my climax will go yet. I think it will come to me once I’m through the rest of these scenes. I KNOW the final scene. I’ve seen it in my head for quite some time. I know how it will end.

I’m off to bed. I’ve got a half dozen things on my to do list for tomorrow so it will be a busy weekend. Hopefully I can finish this story off this weekend. I think I know how the second book will start but… after this one, I need to do some editing of other stories before I dive into book two. I’ve got the ending for book two and parts of the rest of it… But for now, I need to finish book one.