I have lists for everything.  I have mental lists and physical lists.  I have lists for writing, housework, weekend tasks, work, and errands.  I even have lists for other people.  Sometimes I think I have too many lists.  Yet without my lists I think I’d be lost.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with following these lists.  I’m more than able to go off list and do things completely off any list.  It just seems like I’m constantly making lists.  Some of them I trust to my memory and others I don’t – because they are too important perhaps.
I’m very good at throwing out my lists as I need to.  When I’m done with them or mostly, I can easily toss the list into the recycle bin without a second thought.  This is a good thing because if I couldn’t do this then I’d be buried under my lists.  Instead of being that crazy cat woman on the block, I think I might be the crazy list person on the block. 
My lists help me organize my thoughts and my life.  They help to make me more efficient.  Once I get my errands list in mind I can plan out the most efficient way to run them.  Thus I am using as little gas as possible and not back tracking because I forgot something (usually).
Every now and again, I do something crazy and go off list completely.  I spend time doing whatever I want rather than working from my list.  I guess I can be a bit of a rebel even from my own strictures…

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