Another To-Do List

Actually it is probably two or three to-do lists at this point.  I need one for the basement as we have a crack in our foundation and we need to clean it and get it prepped to get fixed.  I’m pretty sure that is a long list of cleaning and reorganizing things.  Then there is my school to-do list.  One of my professors is very organized and helpful, and the other, isn’t.  Of course I have a crochet / crafting list.  Last but certainly not least – I need to finish writing my grant so I can ask someone else to read it before I submit it.

I was working on my science homework and a friend told me I didn’t have to get it all done then.  I told her everything is SCHEDULED.  Yup I’m back to the schedule my life mode.  I didn’t actually finish the chapter I was working on but I came close.  I’ll try to finish it tonight when I get home.  I’ll also work on crocheting tonight. 

The weekend will be filled with editing my grant to get a “final” version.  I can edit until time ends so I will have to cut things off if I want to get it submitted in time.  I have a rough draft for the four sections I need but none of them are final.  I’d like to get that finished this weekend.

Aside from that task, I have homework.  Vicki also told me we have three sets of DVDs to get through so I’ll probably get a lot of crocheting done while we watch DVDs.  I also still have to finish that last lab.  In addition to the lab, I’d like to review the ones I already did to see if I can improve on them at all.  I’ve taken five quizzes (labs) and three of them have answers wrong.  We can take them twice so if I can figure out which ones I’ve done wrong, I can do them again and add points.  The professor takes the highest score so if I do worse it won’t hurt my grade.

I have my first science test next week and am a bit nervous about it.  The labs / quizzes are fairly straight forward.  I don’t know how the professor will be and it isn’t one of my better topics, which means I’m a bit nervous about it.  I’ll have to schedule (there is that word again) some study time for the exam. 

Sunday we will have a couple over to watch the Super Bowl.  I’ll likely crochet through all of the game as I’m not a fan.  The couple is fun though so I can have fun with them even if I don’t like what is on the TV. 

Hopefully I will cross off many things on my to-do list this weekend.  The more I get off the list the fewer items that will have to carry over to next week’s to-do list.  Some might say I’m obsessive about to-do lists but I say it is just good organization.


Yesterday I was on track and getting things done on my list.  I got folders created for projects and categories.  I got paperwork cleared off my desk, organized and put away.  I was on track.  Huge stacks of paperwork have been sorted and dealt with.  I’m down to just a few more.  I thought for sure I was going to complete the tasks at hand. 

Nope… I was corrupted.  First I was drawn away to have breakfast with my daughter.  Then she wanted to watch stuff on the DVR and it was stuff I wanted to watch so I might as well watch with her.  Then the UPS guy brought our new kindles.  After that I was a goner.

My daughter corrupted my determination to get all this stuff done.  She forced me to relax and spend time with her.  She made me cook for her.  She made me play with my kindle.  It was such a hardship… 🙂

In all honesty, I got a lot done even before she rolled out of bed.  However, I was also getting stressed out with each new decision.  Did I categorize these things right?  Oh yeah and I’m pretty sure by 10:30 my stomach was complaining that I’d not put anything of substance in it. 

Today we ran around everywhere.. or so it seemed.  We went to the next town over to pick up our friend and stop at the library.  Then to Madison to go to the doctor, book store, and out to lunch.  Then we came home and all I wanted was a nap. 

Here it is almost 11:30 at night and I’m trying to decide whether to work on my pile of paperwork or go to bed… I’m thinking bed will win out and I’ll hope that tomorrow will get me back on track with the paperwork… wait I think I promised to help the corrupting daughter organize some of her stuff… dang… will I ever finish my lists?


I have lists for everything.  I have mental lists and physical lists.  I have lists for writing, housework, weekend tasks, work, and errands.  I even have lists for other people.  Sometimes I think I have too many lists.  Yet without my lists I think I’d be lost.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with following these lists.  I’m more than able to go off list and do things completely off any list.  It just seems like I’m constantly making lists.  Some of them I trust to my memory and others I don’t – because they are too important perhaps.
I’m very good at throwing out my lists as I need to.  When I’m done with them or mostly, I can easily toss the list into the recycle bin without a second thought.  This is a good thing because if I couldn’t do this then I’d be buried under my lists.  Instead of being that crazy cat woman on the block, I think I might be the crazy list person on the block. 
My lists help me organize my thoughts and my life.  They help to make me more efficient.  Once I get my errands list in mind I can plan out the most efficient way to run them.  Thus I am using as little gas as possible and not back tracking because I forgot something (usually).
Every now and again, I do something crazy and go off list completely.  I spend time doing whatever I want rather than working from my list.  I guess I can be a bit of a rebel even from my own strictures…